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   Chapter 375 Extra Story Keep Away From Me

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9304

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Terence drove away home without looking back.

Michelle was heartbroken, but she didn't catch up with him, because she knew that if she did so, Terence would think that he was right and she was wrong.

She believed that the truth would come out one day.

It was the first time that Terence came to a bar since he was a child.

However, as soon as his car stopped at the door of the bar, he saw Gabriel walking out with the arm of a middle-aged man. What made him angrier was that she was smiling and leaning against the middle-aged man's arms.

Terence got out of the car with anger and walked towards the two.

Gabriel might not have realized that Terence would come. In her opinion, he was the kind of obedient rich man.

"Gabriel, what are you doing here?"

Terence walked over and grabbed Gabriel's wrist. He asked her, waiting for an answer.

"Terence, let's break up."

Gabriel raised her head and looked at Terence resolutely.

"Why? Gabriel, am I not doing well? " Terence was a man who valued emotion. He would never let it go so easily.

Gabriel loved him so much back then. How could she change now?

"Terence, we are over. Your mother is right. I approached you for money. I hate poverty. "

Seeing that Terence was so determined to follow her, Gabriel had to tell the truth. She really couldn't deceive him anymore. Because she had received money, which was enough for her to squander for the rest of her life.

However, who would hate that there was too much money?

"What? Did she give you money? You accepted it? "

Terence widened his eyes and asked in disbelief.

Gabriel didn't say anything more. She pushed away Terence, held the arm of the middle-aged man and said, "now I'm his woman."

The middle-aged man was drunk, and he didn't seem to hear the conversation between the two people clearly.


Terence wanted to grab Gabriel's hand again, but the next second, a lengthened Lincoln car stopped behind them. Several men in Black got out of the car with cold faces and guns.

Terence didn't stop them, but watched Gabriel leave in front of him.

Gabriel in front of him was completely different from what he had known before. She had changed a lot, becoming a stranger.

Was she really the girl from the countryside?

Why could she do such a thing for money now? Or did she do it all because Michelle gave her a sum of money and asked her to leave him?

With all kinds of questions, Terence directly rushed into the bar, heartbroken. He ordered a private room and ordered the strongest wine in the bar.

"Why are you controlling me? Why don't you give me any freedom? Mom, I'm not a kid anymore, okay? "

Terence complained while drinking.

He didn't go to school for several days in a row. After le

lle, they were sure that Daisy was their daughter-in-law. Just because of the relationship between Walter, Emily and the Jiang family.

The marriage had been decided since childhood.

Michelle had been imagining the scene when the two children got married. Although Daisy was a few years younger than Terence, only when a man was older than a woman could he show his great ability to protect a woman.

But it seemed that what Michelle did really hurt Terence.

That girl was really not that easy to deal with. What Michelle did was all for the good of Terence. But he didn't understand at all.

After drinking for so many days, Terence began to get sick, vomit and diarrhea, after returning home.

After the examination, the doctor found that he got gastritis because he overdrank.

In the following days, Terence really got sick. When Daisy got the news, she often came over, but it was still Terence's indifference to her.

Sometimes, Terence didn't even want to talk to her and even look at her.

This made Daisy feel disappointed, but she had no choice. She deserved it.

It was hard to force a relationship. After all, Scott had experienced it before. But the difference was that Michelle was a woman worthy of all his efforts.

Gabriel just fell in love with the Jiang family's money. Otherwise, how could such a girl fall in love with Terence who knew nothing about love?

It was all their fault that they didn't teach Terence well when he was a child, which led to today's situation.

"Please stay away from me, Daisy? I beg you, okay? "

Recently, Terence was a little emotionally unstable, which should be caused by lovebreak.

The sound insulation in the villa was very good, so what the people in the room were talking about could not be heard by the people outside, unless they were standing on the balcony beside.

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