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   Chapter 374 Extra Story Twenty Years Later

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9852

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One day, when Michelle was cooking in the kitchen, the sound of car engine came from outside the villa. Then, the gate was pushed open and Terence walked in with a girl hand in hand.

Hearing the servant's words, Michelle went out of the kitchen.

She looked at the girl next to her son. She had a beautiful face and was very pleasing.

"Mom, this is my girlfriend." Terence looked at his mother and said with a smile.

The girl stood beside him and kept her head down, as if she was embarrassed.

"Oh, come on, let's have a meal." Michelle thought that since they had arrived home, they must have a good talk and get to know each other.

Now Terence was a graduate student. Michelle didn't expect that he would be so old in a short time. It was time to get married for him.


Terence said. After settling down the girl he brought back, he went upstairs to ask Scott to come downstairs for the meal.

Although Michelle and Scott were more than 40 years old now, they were well maintained. It was because they were from rich families.

Michelle looked at the girl and found that she had been sitting on the chair with her head down. It seemed that she didn't intend to talk to her, and she didn't even self-introduce.

After Scott went downstairs led by Terence, the girl looked upstairs.

Obviously, Scott also saw today's guest. He frowned and then looked at his son.

"Terence, this is..."

Walking to the dining table, Scott looked at Terence.

"Dad, this is my girlfriend, Gabriel Li." At this time, Terence introduced her to everyone.

Michelle and Scott looked at each other, but said nothing. The two pulled out their chairs and sat down.

Sitting next to Gabriel Li, Terence kept picking up food for her, but Gabriel kept the same action. She would eat whatever Terence picked up for her.

Michelle and Scott looked at each other again and both of them had a bad impression of this girl. She had hands and feet. Why did she ask their son to pick up food for her?

"How long have you known each other, Terence? Is Gabriel Li as old as you? " Michelle asked her son while eating.

"Well, we have known each other for two years. She is my junior schoolmate. I am second grade postgraduate and she is third grade college students. " Terence looked up at his mother with a smile.

In fact, it was good for a girl to be younger, but Michelle didn't like this girl. After all, she was a college student, how could...

Anyway, she just felt a little strange.

Judging from her dressing, she didn't seem to be from a rich family. Of course, Michelle didn't dislike the girl's family. She used to live in an ordinary family, so she didn't care about this.

However, there was something wrong with Gabriel Li's cultivation.

"Gabriel, where are you from?" Michelle asked kindly, but Gabriel Li didn't answer. The one who answered was still Terence.

"Mom, Gabriel grew up in the village." It seemed

son was so simple that he must have been cheated.

After so many years, Michelle was no longer the Michelle she used to be. Now she became very shrewd.

In her opinion, there was only one wife of Terence, and that was Emily's daughter, Daisy!

Daisy Cheng and Carlotta Jiang were at the same age. So what if she was several years younger than Terence? Only in this way could Terence realize his responsibility as a man.

"Auntie, my family is poor. Without Terence, I can't even afford the tuition. I love him, but I don't dare to love him. "

Gabriel was still looking down at her fingers. Michelle was startled by her actions. She looked at Gabriel's finger and found that her hand was unusually old.

It seemed that she had worked a lot in the countryside.

In fact, everyone had something on their mind, and Michelle didn't want to ask any more.

Finally, Michelle gave Gabriel a sum of money and asked her to leave.

Terence didn't know who made the decision, but when he knew that Gabriel was going to break up with him, his heart was so painful that he was about to go crazy!

Why? Was it just because she was a country girl?

When he got home, Terence had a big quarrel with Michelle. Michelle really felt heartbroken. It had been more than 20 years, but she didn't expect that her son would quarrel with her for a girl.

"Terence, do you know what you are doing now?"

Today, Scott was also at home. He had witnessed all this with his own eyes.


Terence couldn't understand why his mother did that. Is it because rich people don't like children from the countryside?

Of course, Scott was on Michelle's side, because he knew that no matter what Michelle did, there was a reason.

Terence was so angry that he left without looking back.

Michelle knew that her son was really angry, and he loved Gabriel very much. But that girl didn't take him seriously. If it went on like this, he would be the one who got hurt.

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