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   Chapter 372 Extra Story Visiting Mother

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9912

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It was a late autumn night. Jared was playing in the villa. The door was opened and his mother came in with a little boy in her arms. The boy seemed to be injured and stayed motionless in his mother's arms.

Jared ran over curiously and looked at the boy in his mother's arms, staring at his mother curiously.

"Jared, he will be your brother. You two should love each other from now on."

His mother looked at him and said with a smile.

Jared nodded and then looked at Howard in his mother's arms. At that time, he didn't know the name of the child brought back by his mother. It was not until later that he knew his name was Howard.

He had been following his mother's words to protect Howard since he was a child. When he grew up, he found out that Howard was the child of his mother's good friend. Because of an accident of his parents, Howard was found beside the fire.

As his elder brother, Jared had been protecting Howard all the time. He watched him go to primary school, college, and then get married.

However, good times didn't last long. When Howard was about thirty years old, he suffered an unprecedented blow. The family had a car accident when they were traveling, and the car exploded directly. When people went to rescue, they found Howard lying in the grass on the roadside.

In the car, there were only traces of his wife, but his daughter was not found.

Thus, it could be judged that when the car accident happened, Howard and his wife had sent Lily out safely. Before the car exploded, Howard and his wife wanted to jump off the car together. However, when he just jumped out, the car exploded.

Because of the strong air flow from the explosion of the car, he was also affected.

But he didn't expect that he had slept for more than ten years.

Now his daughter had become a mother. He believed that his daughter would be very happy in the future.

The car accident more than ten years ago was arranged by Frank. At that time, although he was only eleven years old, his heart was full of hatred.

In his opinion, his parents were killed by the people sent by the Jiang family. The reason why he wanted to take away the Jiang Group was that he always thought that the Jiang Group was the property of his parents.

Once a misunderstanding occurred, it would be difficult to explain it clearly.

In the past more than ten years, Howard had been dreaming, unaware of anything outside. In his dream, his family stayed together, playing happily.

It seemed that Lily would never grow up, or the time in his dream was too slow.

He was not brave enough to face the reality. When he woke up, there were so many things happening around him that he couldn't believe it.

Because of the car accident that year, he became a vegetative.

When he finally accepted the reality, Michelle appeared. The moment he saw Michelle, he knew that she was his daughter.

At that time, he was so excited that he wanted to cry.


l young?

"Boss, two bowls of beef noodles, a little more beef and coriander."

"Okay." The owner agreed readily, turned around and walked towards the temporary shed.

"Dad, I'm going to buy Oden." After so many years, Michelle rarely relaxed. Today she came to the cemetery, so she didn't take her two children with her.

Howard didn't say anything, but nodded at her.

Looking at her receding figure, Howard smiled with satisfaction.

Michelle looked like her mother, and the eyes of the two were exactly the same. Only her eyebrows, nose and lips looked like him.

After buying Oden, Michelle went to buy smelly tofu and many delicious food.

Sitting there, Howard didn't know whether to cry or to laugh when he saw his daughter being so naughty. As a mother of two children, she couldn't get rid of her diet habits.

When Michelle came back, she was eating beef noodles and Oden. Of course, Howard didn't like eating, although he had been infected by her mother before.

However, after lying in bed for so many years, some things had faded away.

Although these things were still the same taste as before, the people around them had changed.

"Dad, what's wrong? Isn't it delicious?" Michelle had always thought that her father loved roadside stall, so she bought a lot of food specially.

But now she realized that she was flattering herself.

Fortunately, what she wanted was a small bowl, or her stomach would have been unable to hold so much food.

Howard only ate a bowl of beef noodles, but he didn't eat anything else.

But there was no doubt that Michelle had eaten up all of them.

"Michelle, be careful. What if your stomach gets hurt?" Howard looked at his daughter and said worriedly.

"Nothing." Maybe it was because she hadn't eaten for a long time that she ate a lot this time, she kept burping.

When they got home, Michelle tossed and turned in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep because of her stomachache.

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