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   Chapter 371 Hold Your Hand And Grow Old With You

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9722

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"Terence Jiang."

Scott looked at Michelle and said the name.

"Terence..." Michelle repeated and looked at the little boy in Scott's arms. He was so cute and young.

Her whole body was soft and easy to touch.

"The baby almost weighs six pounds. It's very healthy." The doctor said happily.

After giving birth to the baby, the confinement in childbirth was also a very painful thing. Michelle didn't have a mother, so she didn't know what she should pay attention to during the confinement of childbirth.

Now, Scott hoped that the little boy in his arms could grow up as soon as possible, so that he could live their own life with Michelle. There will be a successor of the Jiang Group in the future!

One year later.

Finally, Terence Jiang learned to walk. He staggered to Michelle and threw himself into his mother's arms.

"Oh, my son can finally walk. I'm so happy!"

It was not until she had a child that she realized that although it was hard to be a mother, she was also very happy.

After saying that, Michelle bent over and kissed her son on the face. The process of giving birth to a child was very painful, but it was also an extremely happy thing to watch her child grow up.

She really wanted to see Terence twenty years later.

At that time, he would take his bride hand in hand on the red carpet covered with flowers? At that time, they were old.

"What are you thinking about?"

When Scott came back and saw Michelle holding the child in a daze, he couldn't help laughing.

"What? I'm thinking about our daughter-in-law twenty years later. " Hearing his voice, Michelle realized that he had come back from work.

She raised her head and said like a child.

"Oh my God! There are still twenty years left. Don't you think it's too early?" Scott couldn't help laughing and then held his son in his arms.

Terence burst into laughter in his father's arms and then leaned against it obediently. His chubby little hand was lying on Scott's chest. His lovely appearance was unforgettable.

"Good boy."

Scott bent over and kissed his son hard on the face, and then held Michelle in his arms and kissed her.

Michelle glanced at him shyly, and then the family approached the table. It was already filled with a variety of food, which was amazing.

Terence Jiang couldn't help but eat with his hands.

Looking at their son, Scott pretended to complain, "look, I've told you that our son is also a full foodie like you."

"What?" Michelle rolled her eyes at him and continued to eat.

After dinner, Michelle went to take a shower with Terence Jiang in her arms. He liked water very much and refused to come out as soon as he sat in the bathtub.

After coaxing the child to sleep, Michelle tucked Terence in and then walked to the bed, lifted the quilt and lay down.

At this time, Scott had already fallen asleep. It seemed that he was really tired th

time." Scott said happily on the other end of the phone.


After hanging up the phone, Michelle held Carlotta Jiang and got into the car driven by the driver.

"Mom, where are we going?" Carlotta Jiang was only two years old and didn't talk much.

She lay on her mother and kicked restlessly.

"Let's go to find dad and brother." Michelle looked down at Carlotta Jiang.

The little girl didn't say anything more. She climbed down from Michelle and knelt by the window, looking out. It seemed that she was also looking forward to seeing her father and brother.

When they arrived at the destination, Michelle held Carlotta Jiang's hand, but she was too naughty. As soon as she got out of the car, she broke free from her grip and ran directly in the direction of Scott.


Carlotta Jiang shouted excitedly, opened her arms and threw herself into Scott's arms.

Scott held her in his arms and threw her into the air. This was his little lover, who clung to him every day.

"Mom." Seeing that he was ignored, Terence ran towards Michelle.

"Son." Terence grew up, Michelle couldn't hold him anymore, maybe because she was too weak.

"Let's go. Dad and others are all here." Scott turned around and said to Michelle.

Then they walked into the restaurant hand in hand.

Seeing his daughter, Howard stood up happily. Michelle hadn't seen her father for a long time since she had a child.

Later, Jared took Howard abroad for treatment. Now he could walk around.

When Michelle saw her father, she was very excited.

"Michelle." Howard held his daughter in his arms. In a blink of an eye, she was a mother of two children.

"Grandpa! Grandpa!"

The two kids pounced on each other. Howard and Jared each held one of the two kids with countless smiles on their faces.

Michelle and Scott looked at each other and smiled sweetly.

Maybe this was the final point of happiness?

That's all!

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