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   Chapter 369 Pregnant

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10033

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Scott called several times, but no one answered. In the end, he had to call home.

However, as soon as the phone was connected, it was a roar from Jared.

"Scott, come back right now!"

Jared's words confirmed Scott's suspicion. He hung up the phone in a hurry and bought the air ticket of that day.

Now, he had to explain everything clearly, or it would be terrible if his wife wanted to divorce him.

It was not easy for them to get through such things. If they was only framed by a secretary, it would be too unworthy. But the most important thing was to go home first, regardless of his work.

After several hours' journey, Scott finally arrived at the door of the house.

When Scott went upstairs in a hurry, he found that Jared was not in the living room. It seemed that he was comforting Michelle in the room.

Opening the door, Michelle glanced at him and snorted.

Jared stood up, walked to Scott and said coldly, "it's good that you can come back."

Then he went out and gave the space to the two young men.

"Humph!" Michelle stood up from the chair, turned around and walked towards the balcony, ignoring Scott.

On the other hand, Scott quickly caught up with Michelle and pulled her back.

Michelle shook her arm and ran into the bedroom, while he was chasing after her.

"Honey, let me explain." Scott with smile on his face knew that Michelle was jealous.

Seeing that Michelle was angry, Scott knew that she was actually worried that her handsome husband would be snatched away by others. Thinking of this, he felt sweet in his heart.

"Honey, it's a misunderstanding. My phone was left in the dining room. My secretary took it away. I don't know what she said to you, but I can guarantee that I have been discussing with the people from the American company these days. "

While speaking, Scott had already held her in his arms, allowing her to struggle in his arms.

"Humph!" Michelle pushed him hard, but it didn't work.

Scott smiled slyly and carried her to the bed.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me. " How could Michelle not know what he wanted to do, but she didn't want to do it now.

"Of course it proves how much your husband loves you." After saying that, Scott threw her on the bed. Before Michelle stood up, he pressed on her.

"Are you crazy? You were so cold to me at the beginning, but now you are like this as soon as you come back." Michelle kicked him, but her restless feet were grasped by him.

With an evil and attractive smile, Scott said, "I'm sorry, honey. It was my fault. I was so busy with my work that I neglected you. But I don't dare to do that now. I can do anything you want me to do. "

After enduring for a few days, Scott finally couldn't stand it anymore.

However, what Michelle said next made him feel uncomfortable.

"It's not clean yet."

"Isn't it five days?" Scott knew her physiological problem very well.

"Yes, several days are still left." Michelle blinked innocently. It seemed tha

e some instructions and Michelle kept them in mind.

After walking out of the gate of the hospital, Emily suddenly exposed her excitement. She held Michelle and said excitedly, "that's great, Michelle. You are pregnant and you are going to have a baby. That is to say, I'm going to be a godmother! "

"Calm down." Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Michelle blushed and shook Emily's arm to make her hold back.

"Tell this good news to Scott as soon as possible. I believe that he will be very happy. Maybe he rushed out in a meeting." Emily looked at Michelle and said with a shifty eye.

Michelle glanced at her angrily. She wouldn't be so insensible. Scott was still at work. How could she call to disturb him?

She decided to keep this secret for the time being until he got home from work.

It was really exciting to think about it now.

She didn't know how Scott would react when he heard the news. It was really expected.

Thinking of this, Michelle felt warm in her heart. Finally, they had their own child.

She put her hands on her belly unconsciously, and her eyes were full of love.

Seeing this, Emily shook her head helplessly.

"Only you can calm down. If I were you, I had already told Walter."

"Really?" Michelle asked back. Emily was rendered speechless.

Recalling carefully, she didn't tell Kevin when she was pregnant with Kevin. It was her unreliable bestie who told others about it. At that time, the two of them had a quarrel because of this matter. Now recalling it, they were really so stupid.

"To celebrate, I'll treat you to lunch!" Emily said straightforwardly.

"Since you said so, I won't stand on ceremony." Michelle also smiled.

The two of them walked to the roadside, hailed a taxi, and then left the hospital.

Sitting in the car and looking out of the window, Michelle felt really comfortable.

Every relationship is not easy to get, so we should learn to cherish it more. Don't regret it until you lose it. It's too late.

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