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   Chapter 364 She Is Going Abroad

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9688

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After going through so many things, people were just defeated by their hearts.

Everything returned to its original state.

Now, the Jiang Group was developing better and better under the leadership of Scott, along with the Wind Group. Perhaps in memory of Lucas, the name of the Wind Group kept.

After dinner, the family gathered around, talking and laughing.

Only Scott and Michelle didn't say a word from beginning to end. The atmosphere was a little awkward, which made the two men, Howard and Jared felt it.

Howard was not able to say now, or he would tell them the truth.

Jared had always respected his brother, so he concealed it for so long.

"Uncle, I want to go abroad for further education after the new year. Please help dad in the future." Taking advantage of everyone's presence, Michelle told the people present that she had made up her mind.

Everyone was surprised to hear that she was going abroad.

Howard looked at his daughter and sobbed, as if asking her why she left.

Michelle lowered her head and sighed. To be honest, she didn't want to leave either. But there were too many things in this city that she couldn't bear, such as Scott.

"Studying abroad is a good thing, but it's too sudden for you to do so." Jared frowned and seemed reluctant.

It was not easy for the family to reunite, but Michelle insisted on going abroad at this time. Wouldn't this family be separated again?

"When will you go abroad?" Scott asked coldly.

Michelle looked up at him and replied indifferently, "I'll leave after the visa is issued."

Maybe after she went abroad, she wouldn't miss Scott anymore?

"Where are you going?" Scott continued to ask. If it was America, then she had a visa there. It seemed that she did not go to America this time.

"France. I want to majored in psychology. Suddenly, I want to change a job. " She was mentally ill. In her opinion, studying this major was also a good thing. She could heal herself when she was sick.

Although Scott didn't want her to leave, he didn't say anything. How could he not know the reason why Michelle left?

"Okay, uncle will support you. Go ahead, my child." After hesitating for a while, Jared finally agreed.

"Today is new year's Eve. Don't think about it anymore. Next day is the first day of the new year. We have to have a good time! " Feeling the embarrassment, Jared added.

First day of the lunar year.

The firecrackers went on with the laughter. Michelle stood on the balcony and looked at the scenery in the distance. Her heart was empty. It seemed that something had been taken away.

"Michelle, come down. Uncle has a gift for you!"

It was not until Jared's voice came from outside that Michelle came to her senses. She turned around and walked to open the door.

When she went downstairs, she found that Jared was happily sharing the things he bought. The servants

a good brother. Why don't you buy a gift for Michelle during the Spring Festival? You are the CEO of the Jiang Group. " Emily looked at Scott and said angrily.

Although it was impossible for them to be together, as her brother, he should buy a gift for Michelle. It was too shabby now.

"It doesn't matter. I don't need anything now." After saying that, Michelle touched the necklace on her neck subconsciously. It was a gift that Lucas had always wanted to give to her, but he had no chance until he died.

Seeing her action, Scott felt a sharp pain in his heart. It really hurt.

It turned out that a dead person could leave such a deep longing in her heart. If possible, he really hoped that he was the one who died at that time.

After the meal, Emily was shocked to know that Michelle was going abroad.

"Michelle, what did you say? Going abroad? Why? "

She immediately stood up from the table. Apparently, she still couldn't control her restlessness after giving birth to the baby.

"Emily, stop asking. I have my own difficulties." Michelle didn't want to answer her. She didn't know how to answer.

Leaving was not to escape. She just wanted to go abroad to relax and start a new life.

Now that she had nothing to worry about, it was time for her to relax and see the world.

Soon, the visa was issued. Michelle held the thin visa, which was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

The airport was a place for departure. She didn't like it very much. No one knew how many couples separated here every day. No one dared to taste the pain and sadness.

"Ladies and gentlemen, flight TA199 from C City to France is about to take off. Please take your luggage and get ready to board."

The sweet voice of the staff came from the broadcast. At that moment, Michelle suddenly felt that she was reluctant to leave.

She turned around and looked for the man in the crowd, but unfortunately, he did not appear.

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