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   Chapter 363 The Best, The Last Gift

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10020

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Michelle lost control and was about to rush out of the door again regardless of others' dissuasion. But the next second, she fainted.

"Hurry up! Call the doctor!"

Scott asked the doctor to come in a hurry, and everyone's heart was hanging in their chest again.

Fortunately, after the examination, the doctor was sure that Michelle was just too emotional and she was fine.

"You can go back first. I'll take care of her." After the doctor left, Scott said to the group of people behind him. Now he just wanted to stay with Michelle.

This time, it was all his fault. He was not as brave as Lucas. He didn't dare to sacrifice his life for her.

However, Lucas was dead and he would never come back for the rest of his life.

Scott's heart ached as much as anyone else.

Withdrawing the sadness in his eyes, Scott calmly looked at the sleeping Michelle and said, "Michelle, wake up quickly. As long as you wake up, I can do anything."

If Lucas were here, he would have fought with him. But now, there was no man willing to fight with him.


Except for Scott and Jared, the others had left S City. Scott didn't want anyone to disturb him, not to mention that it was their family business.

Seeing that, Jared, as his father, also felt bad. He wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

He didn't know whether he should tell him or not.

Michelle had been under observation since she fell into a coma. A day had passed, but she didn't become better.

This matter was not on the news, no one wanted to see such a cruel thing happen.

The sky was shrouded in darkness, as if it was going to rain.

In S City, there was no snow, just like in C City.

Such a weather inevitably made people feel uncomfortable. They always felt that time was passing slowly.

Michelle didn't wake up. The doctor said that was because she didn't want to wake up. She didn't want to face the reality, nor did she want to believe that her family had passed away.

In her dream, there would be another world she longed for the most, and also the most beautiful.

Scott didn't eat or drink the whole day, and no matter how Jared persuaded him, it was useless.

"Scott, your body won't stand it." Jared stood aside and felt bad to see his son like this.

Scott sat on the chair and refused to give Jared any response.

Jared had no choice but to sigh. He was going back to C City now, because he had to take good care of her father for Michelle.

After leaving the hospital, there was only Scott left in the ward. Now, he was the only one who was waiting for Michelle.

A few days later, Michelle was taken back to C City.

Gradually, she accepted the fact that Lucas had passed away. Standing in front of the tombstone, Michelle quietly looked at the photos on it. That black and white photo represented too many things.

"Are you happy that I come to see you?" While speaking, Michelle put the food she bought in front of the tombstone. She looked at the person in t

oor and got off the car. When she looked up, she found that the name of the community had been changed.

"Happiness District." Looking at the sign on the gate of the community, Michelle couldn't help shouting.

She walked a few steps inside and saw a man walking towards her.

He was the security guard here.

"Excuse me, are you Miss. Michelle?" The security guard asked.

Although she didn't know what was going on, she nodded.

Then the security guard took her to the security room, took out an exquisitely packaged box from the cabinet and handed it to her. "This is left by Mr. Lucas. He said that give it to you when you came here."

Michelle's hands trembled slightly. She held the box in her arms and opened it. Then she found a golden key lying in the middle of the box.

There was also a house number on it. It seemed that this was what Lucas left to her.

She came to the door according to the number and stood in front of it. She hesitated for a while before she made up her mind to open the door.

It was a two-story duplex building with exquisite decoration.

It didn't look different from the villa.

The whole space was big enough to hold a lot of things. It was a gift from Lucas.

Walking through every corner, Michelle's eyes were filled with tears. She covered her mouth with her hands to prevent herself from crying out.

New year's Eve.

The family sat around the table and had the new year's Eve dinner. Listening to the firecrackers from outside, it was very lively.

"Ha ha, what a family reunion!"

It had been a rare chance for them to get together for so many years, and Jared was very happy today.

"Uncle, alcohol is bad for your health." Seeing this, Michelle stopped him in a hurry. She was afraid that Jared might not be able to bear it. After all, he had drunk so much before.

"Dad is happy. Just let him drink." Scott echoed.

Michelle glanced at him, but said nothing. She lowered her head and ate the food in front of her.

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