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   Chapter 361 The Right Time

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9560

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"Zoy, you are now surrounded by the police. I advise you to put down your weapons and surrender."

The police urged Zoy to surrender again.

"Miss. Zoy, what should we do now?" Now, there was only one man in black around Zoy, and Monica's father. Obviously, the old man could do nothing to help them. Maybe he would be a burden to them.

"Open the gate of the cabin." After hesitating for a while, Zoy ordered Monica's father.

"Miss. Zoy, do you want to..." Monica's father almost failed to react. Now, Michelle and Lucas were still in the room. If the gate was opened, wouldn't the ship sink?

This was the sea. No one knew how deep the bottom of the sea was. Over the past thousand years, no one knew how many things had been accumulated at the bottom of the sea.

"You just do it." Seeing that Monica's father was hesitating, Zoy became more furious. She shouted at him angrily.

"Okay, I'll do it right away." Monica's father didn't dare to disobey Zoy. It was good enough that she didn't kill him. Just now, he had gone against her will once. Now, he had to make up for it.

Soon, the gate under the cabin was opened, and Monica's father immediately ran upstairs, because the sea water was pouring into the cabin.

He knew that Zoy wanted to drown them alive.

After everything was done, Zoy continued to wait in the cabin. She was waiting for a good opportunity.

It was too early to go out now and there were still some things to deal with.

The police also patiently confronted her. They would like to see what else Zoy could do.

Standing in the crowd, Scott looked up at the happening. He felt something was wrong. Because there was a faint sound coming from the cruise ship.

"Zoy, if you don't come out, we will shoot!"

Considering Michelle's safety, the police had to threaten Zoy, but under normal circumstances, they would not shoot.

Now, Zoy wanted to open the door and take out the hostage. But there was a fierce dog in that room. It would be too cruel to bite people. Therefore, the best way for Zoy now was to drown them there.

There were two floors on the cruise ship, and Zoy was at the highest floor. It would take some time for the sea to reach this height, so she had been waiting patiently.

In the room, Michelle weakly leaned against Lucas's chest. She hated him, but she had no strength to deal with him. What's more, he became so crazy all because of her. Did he atone for what he had done to her?

Vaguely, Lucas felt that the floor was very wet and water began to seep up from it. He realized something was wrong and hurried to the stairs with Michelle in his arms.

The window was inlaid with iron bars, and they could not escape from it at all. Before that, Lucas had tried to break the glass. But he failed and was covered with bruises all over his body.

Michelle saw all this and even

ause he didn't want to die yet.

In the end, Zoy had no choice but to push Monica's father out. As she expected, he was shot by the police at the same way, and then fell to the ground motionlessly.

Now, Zoy had lost all her chips.

"Zoy, if you are smart enough, we may commute your sentence." The police began to comfort Zoy, because she was the leader of this matter.

'Humph! I have committed a capital crime. Can I be commuted? Don't lie to me. ' Zoy thought on her heart. She knew that those policemen wouldn't let her go after she went out.

Well, in that case, she would stay here and never go out.

So she closed the door so that no one could come in.

The policemen didn't expect her to do so. She was digging her own grave. However, no one stopped her.

Now, everyone's attention was on a drowned area, and the police began to rescue.

Michelle was the first one to be rescued, and then followed by Lucas.

As she just surfaced and was lack of oxygen, Michelle began to gasp.

Scott came to her and held the cold Michelle, then immediately took off his warm coat and put it on her.

Michelle's body was trembling. She was led back to room by Scott. But the next second, Michelle was pulled hard by someone. In addition, she was very weak, so she was quickly pulled into the other's arms.

"Don't come over, or I'll kill her!"

At the same time, Zoy's whole body was wet. It turned out that she jumped into the sea when no one was noticing. She was waiting for a perfect opportunity.

She got the gun from somewhere, and the black muzzle was pointed at Michelle's temple. She looked fierce, as if she was going to shoot in the next second.

Michelle trembled all over because she had been soaked in the sea for a period of time.

"Zoy, what do you want?" The one who spoke was Scott, and Lucas was standing beside him. The two of them were in a stalemate with Zoy.

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