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   Chapter 359 The Game Had Just Begun

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9530

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The game had just begun, and she believed that it would be more exciting next.

Michelle hadn't eaten anything for a whole of day. She was forbidden to eat anything, not even water.

Michelle had no choice but to live in hunger. When she was extremely hungry, she closed her eyes and imagined that there were a lot of delicious food in front of her. In this way, she felt better.

But after two days of torture, she was no longer a human being.

As the night fell, the whole city was gradually shrouded in darkness.

Sitting on the chair, Michelle was starving. She felt that her life was worse than death. But Zoy was hateful. She not only seduced her with delicious food, but also threw the food into the trash can in front of her.

It was unbearable to repeat it.

The fragrance of the dish made people tremble. Michelle raised her head slightly and looked at Zoy, who was sitting opposite her.

"You might as well kill me." Michelle said to Zoy weakly. She wanted her to kill her, but she had no intention of doing so.

"Kill you? Humph, that will happen on day. But I don't want to kill you now. " As she spoke, Zoy opened the box and smelled the food.

Michelle didn't expect that she would do this.

"Do you want to eat? Kneel down and beg me. Maybe I will consider giving you some bone gnawing. " As she spoke, Zoy bent forward, but the thing in the box was still there.

"Who forced you to do this? We have never hurt you. You deserve it. It's you who ruined your happiness. You can only blame yourself. " Michelle widened her eyes and looked at Zoy. Obviously, she would never yield in such a situation.

She would rather die than beg Zoy like a dog.

Without saying anything, Zoy smiled, seeming to be waiting for Michelle's following words.

"Zoy, who are you now? What good will it do to you if I die? Look at yourself. Will Charlotte still like you? "

At the mention of Charlotte, Zoy's heart was touched. She thought of her two-year-old child. Charlotte must need her now.

However, the next moment, Charlotte was holding Wyn and crying. She said, "I hate mom!"

Then, when Wyn fell down the stairs, she was forced to sign the divorce agreement by the Mu family. Later, she cut off all contact with the Mu family. As for how Wyn was doing now, she knew nothing and didn't want to know either.

Thinking of this, Zoy smiled evilly and said, "Michelle, I really don't understand why all men are so good to you. Wyn, Scott, Walter... But what about me? I tried my best to get it, but in the end, I got nothing. For what? Tell me, am I not beautiful? Is it because I don't have money that they look down on me? "

Listening to her complaints and anger, Michelle gradually understood why she had become so horrible and terrible. All in all, it was for her vanity and jealousy.

She had never found that Zoy

the Zhou family? No, it's impossible. What ability does she have to win over these people's hearts?

"Frank, are you curious why I won your subordinate's heart? Humph, that's because you don't know women well enough. " In order to take revenge, Zoy had paid too much. Now she had no way back. Since she had to do it, it should be great. Even if she died, it would be a glorious death.

Right now, it was a matter of life and death. How could she easily let go of such a good opportunity?

"Now, there are only two of you. Let me see who else will help you. Why are you still standing here? Kill them all and throw them into the sea to feed the fish! " As soon as she gave the order, several men in black rushed up quickly.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

In the sky, there were a few more gunshots. Scott and Lucas were fast. It was true that they had practiced it before.

For the first time, they chose to cooperate with each other for the sake of Michelle.

"We have to act separately. But will you kill someone?" Lucas doubted Scott's ability very much. In a society ruled by law, killing people was illegal.

But now, they had to face a group of gangsters who had killed the police.

Scott was lost in thought, because he didn't want to hurt several innocent lives.

"Well. Let me do it. As soon as there is a chance, you can rush in and find Michelle to take her away. " After saying that, Lucas rushed out and shot his previous subordinates several times in a row.

His marksmanship was so excellent that no one could compare with him. Over the years, his identity as a leader of gang was conniving.

After a few gunshots, everyone fell to the ground. Lucas pointed his gun at the position of Zoy. He pulled the trigger with his finger, as if he was going to shoot the bullet in the next second.

Zoy didn't expect him to be so good at fighting and he was going to risk his life.

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