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   Chapter 355 Howard Woke Up

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"Master, No. 23 Ava Road!"

Sitting in the car, Michelle clenched her hands nervously. She just received a call from the hospital, saying that her father had woken up.

This news was undoubtedly exciting.

Looking out of the window, Michelle was very anxious, because she was about to see her biological father!

'Dad, can you still recognize me?' Michelle prayed in her heart. She hoped that when she saw her father, he could recognize her as soon as possible.

After arriving at the hospital, Michelle paid the bill and quickly opened the door to get off. She ran in the corridor of the hospital with a smile on her face.

Pushing the door open, Michelle looked at the people in the ward and saw Jared, Scott, and Walter's family.

On the bed, Howard sat there with a pale face. He just woke up.

He had been in a coma for such a long time, and it was already a good thing that he could wake up. Although he couldn't walk now.

Seeing Michelle, Howard was a little excited. Apparently, he recognized her.


Michelle called him and ran to him. At the same time, Howard became more agitated. He stuttered and wanted to talk to her, but he couldn't say anything.

"Dad, I know what you want to say."

Michelle sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her father excitedly. He finally woke up. She didn't expect him to wake up after more than 10 years of coma! Although he couldn't move now, at least he woke up. He could see her and his daughter had grew up, which satisfied him.

Howard blinked and then looked at Jared who was sitting next to him.

Because the awakening of Howard made everyone excited.

But Jared didn't tell him about the fake thing. He thought it was unnecessary to tell it. After all, it had passed.

"Your daughter Lily has grown up. Howard, you have slept too long." As he spoke, Jared glanced at Michelle.

At this time, Michelle's eyes were full of tears, which were the happiest and moving tears.

The doctor came to do a check-up for Howard and specially told them to take good care of the patient's diet and daily life in the future. He believed that as long as the patient was well nurtured, he could walk soon.

Because of the special situation of Howard, since he could wake up, it meant that he had a greater chance of walking.

After hearing the news, everyone was relieved.

Jared wanted to take Howard home for recuperation, but was refused by the doctor, because there were special medical equipment in the hospital, which was also very helpful for Howard's recovery.


At this time, Emily, who was standing aside, said in a choked voice.

Walter held her in his arms and patted her on the shoulder.

Emily had never expected that Michelle would suffer such a thing. But the most hateful thing was that Zoy took away what originally belonged to Michelle.

But everything was

the treatment for my father as soon as possible. Besides, we can't sleep in the same room after marriage. "

Michelle thought about this thing for a long time. She could marry him, but he had to fulfill her request, otherwise she would not marry him.

Lucas agreed without hesitation. He was satisfied as long as he could see her.

He believed that as long as her father was cured, the good days in the future would not be too long.

Soon, the news was released.

As soon as Scott heard the news, he rushed over. He opened the door of the ward and angrily grabbed Michelle's wrist to go out. Seeing this, Howard didn't say anything.

"Let go of me!" Michelle growled, they would be misunderstood like this.

She raised her head and stared at him. He was also staring at her.

There was no expression on Scott's face. He looked at Michelle with complicated eyes, as if there was nothing wrong for them to hold hands like this.

Michelle's heart skipped a beat. He was too bold to do that. If people knew that they were brother and sister, how could she face with others in the future?

Thinking of this, Michelle struggled even harder.

Scott looked at her calmly and threatened, "if you keep struggling, I will kiss you in public."

As soon as his words faded away, Michelle seemed to be fixed, and she froze and dared not move. Somehow, she believed him. If she continued to struggle, he would keep his words.

"What on earth do you want to do?" She asked him impolitely.

Frowning sadly, Scott didn't expect Michelle to be like this. "Why did you marry him? You know clearly that you don't love him. "

"It's my business. Besides, he is very kind to me. He has been taking care of me all these years. We have been together for a long time. Can't I fall in love with someone in such a long time? " Michelle didn't dare to look into his eyes, because she couldn't accept the passion in them.

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