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   Chapter 351 A Car Is Following Us

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9599

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"Mr. Scott, you are not allowed to go in!"

As soon as Scott appeared at the gate of Wind Company, he was stopped by the receptionists and security guards, because they knew his identity and the purpose of his visit.

Scott didn't care about them, but he couldn't defeat the security guards with his own strength.

"Mr. Scott, our CEO is in a meeting. If you have anything, please come back later. If you insist on breaking in like this, don't blame us for being rude. "

The receptionist stood aside and tried to comfort Scott.

It was obvious that he was not feeling well after losing the company. They could understand. But they were afraid that Lucas would scold them if Scott broke in like this.

Besides, all the people in the meeting were the former senior leaders of the Jiang Group. If he saw them, he would definitely be mad.

In fact, they all knew how powerful and capable Scott was.

Of course, they also knew that it was disgraceful for Lucas to do so.

"Let him go."

At this time, Lucas's gloomy male voice came from behind them.

Everyone let go of Scott and stepped aside.

In fact, Lucas had expected that Scott would come, but he didn't expect him to come so soon. It seemed that he was also impetuous.

Thinking of this, Lucas smiled slyly. He walked slowly to the side of Scott and looked straight at him.

"Frank, I didn't expect you to be so despicable." Scott stared at him and said through gritted teeth.

"Despicable? I never think I am more despicable than you. " While speaking, Lucas smiled again. He stretched out his hand, and then a document was put in his hand.

Lucas put the document in front of Scott and said coldly, "Mr. Scott, are you familiar with this contract?"

Scott took a look at the document, which was signed by the two of them. He didn't expect that it would become his chip now.

"A despicable man gains success." Scott said these words through his gritted teeth, he clenched his fists and wished he could punch Lucas in the face.

"I don't want to say anything more, but it doesn't mean that I can't fight back. So I advise you to restrain yourself." Seeing that Scott did not intend to take the document, he loosened his hand and the document fell to the ground.

"Frank, what on earth do you want?" Of course, Scott knew what was written in the contract. There was no doubt that Lucas wanted his compensation.

Money was never a problem for him, but he was afraid that Lucas didn't mean it.

This price was offered by him. If Lucas asked for ten billion, then even if Scott sold the company, he would have to compensate.

"It's very simple, shares." Lucas was about to leave, but when he heard what Scott said, he turned around and looked at Scott with a scornful smile.

"No way!" Scott immediately denied Lucas's requirement. He actually wanted to get the shares of the Jiang

thing happened? Besides, she didn't want Lucas to come to her.

"Then where do you want to go?" Scott asked unhappily.

"I will go wherever you go." Michelle turned to him and said gently.

Without saying anything more, Scott stepped on the gas and started the car immediately.

Soon, the car was on the expressway. Michelle looked at him in surprise, because she didn't know where he was going.

"There seems to be a car following us." Bored, Michelle looked out of the window, only to find a black car following them.

"It's normal that there are cars on the road. Maybe they are on the same way with us." Scott didn't take her words seriously, but concentrated on driving.

He had drunk a little in the bar just now, which made him a little dizzy. But Michelle was still in the car. For her safety, he couldn't let go of his guard.

"Really! That car is really following us. If you don't believe me, turn the car around. " Michelle kept looking at the car behind them, which reminded her of the time when she and Scott went abroad. She remembered that they were also followed by a car at that time.

Scott took another look at the rearview mirror and found that the car behind them was indeed following them, and it was very close.

If they were stalking, it would be too conspicuous in the daytime.

With a frown, Scott glanced at Michelle who was sitting next to him and reminded her, "fasten the seat belt."

Although Michelle didn't know what had happened, she still fastened the seat belt obediently and confirmed the degree of binding.

Then, Scott turned the car around quickly and drove in the opposite direction.

As Michelle expected, the car was following them.

Scott sped up and the car was the same, which made him wonder if it was sent by Lucas. But on second thought, it was not right. If it was really Lucas, did he ignore Michelle who was still sitting in the car?

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