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   Chapter 349 The Crisis Of The Jiang Group

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10185

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"Dad, please wake up quickly. I've been looking forward to your telling me about my childhood. At that time, our family must be very happy, right? "

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Michelle looked at her father who was lying on the bed and talking to him.

During this period of time, she had been talking to Howard all the time. She didn't know if her father had heard it or not, but she still said it

The phone rang. Afraid of disturbing her father, Michelle hurried out with the phone.

She looked down at the caller. It was Lucas.

She hesitated for a while and pressed the answer key. "What's wrong?"

"What's your address? I bought something and sent it to you." Lucas asked gently on the phone.

"Well, don't do that." Michelle refused in a hurry. She didn't want anyone to disturb her reunion with her father. Besides, her father needed a quiet environment.

Hearing her refusal, Lucas felt a little painful in his heart, but he still endured the discomfort in his heart and smiled, "it doesn't matter. I also want to visit uncle."

Finally, Michelle told Lucas the address.

Soon, a black car stopped at the gate of the hospital. Michelle stood at the gate to greet him. She saw Lucas get out of the car with several boxes of nutritionists in his hands.

Her father couldn't eat at all now, he could only rely on the equipment to feed him.

Michelle didn't allow Lucas to enter the ward. She didn't want to disturb her father. So she took Lucas to sit in the garden of the hospital.

"It's good thing that you can come here. Why do you still buy things? My father can't eat these now. " Michelle said politely, because she didn't want to owe Lucas anything.

Although she said so, she owed him a lot. Although he didn't want her to pay him back, her lifetime was not enough to do that.

"Well, you can also eat these things. It must be very hard to take care of your father. It's time to supplement nutrition, or I'll feel sorry for you if you lose weight. " Lucas looked at her affectionately and said.

Michelle felt a little embarrassed on his gaze and turned her head away.

After the two of them just sat there for a while, Lucas left. He said that he had something to deal with in the company, so Michelle didn't stop him.

After Lucas's car left, Michelle walked into the ward with the boxes of nutritionists. The bird's nest soup was good for her health, but she had no appetite at all.

What she had eaten in the hospital recently were all simple. She had eaten vegetables for a long time, without any meat.

The door of the office was pushed open in a hurry. Looking at the person who broke in, Scott asked, "what's wrong?"

"Boss, I heard that something was wrong with this project!" The assistant stood there, out of breath.

Hearing this, Scott immediately stood up from the chair and rushed out without waiting for the assistant to speak.

"Mr. Scott, Mr. Liu has resigned, and he also poached the person in charge of the project department and the leaders of all departments." The sec

lle. He wanted her to know that only he could make her happy.

The Jiang Group belonged to her. He just gave it back to her. In this way, it was not wrong at all.

Jared came back from the hospital. After knowing what had happened to the Jiang Group, he felt that all his strength had been taken away.

"How could this be?" He widened his eyes and couldn't believe what he had heard.

The next day, Michelle went out of the hospital to get the newspaper as usual. There was the latest newspaper here every day. There was no TV in the ward and cell phone was forbidden because its ray, so Michelle didn't dare to use it recently.

She unfolded the newspaper and read today's news. The moment she opened it, a bright title came into view.

"The Jiang Group is facing a crisis of bankruptcy, and Mr. Jared is seriously ill in hospital."

Her hand holding the newspaper trembled slightly. With difficulty, Michelle finished reading the content line by line.

"What the hell is going on? Why did the Jiang family face such a big crisis? " She closed the newspaper and asked herself.

She rushed out of the hospital and stopped a taxi, heading to the Jiang Group. She wanted to know what was going on.

How could the famous Jiang Group in the world be in danger of bankruptcy?

It was impossible. There would never be such a powerful opponent. No matter what, she would not believe it.

The car arrived at the gate of the Jiang Group. As soon as Michelle opened the door, she saw many people surrounding the gate. Standing behind the crowd and looking at the closed door, she suddenly felt empty in her heart.

It felt as if something had been hollowed out.

The reporters gathered, holding the microphones in their hands, trying to break through the door.

Although they knew that Scott was not in the company, they were all looking forward to his figure in their hearts.

At this time, Michelle came to her senses. She turned around and looked at the opposite Wind Company. She wanted to ask them clearly.

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