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   Chapter 329 Monica Committed Suicide

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9875

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The sound of the gun came to Zoy's ears, making her tremble all over. She was too scared to speak.

"Frank, are you really going to kill me?"

Zoy trembled all over her body, her voice did so. For the first time, she felt the smell of death spreading around her.

"What do you think?"

While they were talking, several men in black threw Zoy into the car. As the car galloped, it left the villa soon.

"Where are you taking me?"

Lucas didn't want to listen to her, so he asked someone to tape her mouth and tie up her hands and feet.

"Of course, I will take you to your cemetery. I know you will like it."

In order to not attract others, Lucas would never work in his own territory. Moreover, he didn't want to see her die in front of him.

Now, even if Zoy opposed and begged for mercy, it was useless for Lucas.

Once he made up his mind, it would be difficult for anyone to persuade him.

At that time, the person he wanted to kill was Scott. Unexpectedly, Michelle suddenly rushed out and ran into another person. When he knew that the person he killed was Michelle's mother, his heart was slightly moved.

He even saw the moment when he held his mother's body and cried bitterly when he was a child. He could feel the pain, but it was the first time he had felt it from others.

After working in this industry for so many years, Lucas's heart had never been touched by anything, except Michelle.

To be honest, he really wanted to put his hatred of Scott on Michelle, but later, he began to regret.

He would never regret falling in love with Michelle for the rest of his life, but he just felt pity.

They stopped the car in the suburb. Several men in black forced Zoy out of the car and walked deep into the forest.

This scene was familiar to Zoy. She remembered that she had only seen it on TV.

But she had never thought that it would happen on her.

Seeing the fear in her eyes, Lucas didn't show any mercy to Zoy. A woman like Zoy should have died a long time ago. If she continued to stay in the world, she would only scourge more people.

The tape on Zoy's mouth hadn't been unwrapped, Lucas didn't want to hear her last words before she died. Even though Zoy was struggling, it didn't work on Lucas.

"Give me the gun."

Then, Lucas took the gun, which had been silenced.

He pointed the trigger at Zoy's head and gently touched the position of the spanner. At the same time, with her eyes wide open, Zoy shook her head, hoping that Lucas would let her go.

"It's too late to be afraid now."

Lucas was amused by her reaction.

He didn't expect that she, Zoy, would be scared. Where was the woman who only knew how to plot against others?

"Take her to the cliff."

Lucas found that there was a cliff not far from them. It happened to be the place where Zoy fell down, so that it was convenient for them to deal with the corpse.

Zoy kept shaking her head. Of cour

As long as anything happened, it would attract her attention.

Her long hair danced in the wind. The moment she turned her head, her fierce look made people feel scared.

"Please tell Michelle that I won't let her go even if I die!"

As soon as she finished speaking, people only saw a red figure quickly descending from the sky, and then with a crack, Monica's body fell into a pool of blood.

When Scott opened the car door, he saw such a cruel scene.


The onlookers around dispersed one after another, and some of them even let out terrifying screams.

Scott felt that the people around slowed down when they were running. The screams of those people filled his ears, and everything became slow.

He couldn't hear the screams of those people. He could only hear his own heartbeat, one after another.

Monica was dead. She jumped off a building, wearing red clothes and red shoes. She didn't close her eyes when she died. She died with her eyes open and she died with hatred.

Jared sat in front of the TV. Even if he was not there, he could still feel the horrible atmosphere.

Monica's death was horrible and disgusting.

"Monica, Monica..."

In the crowd, Monica's father stood there quietly. He disguised himself well for fear of being recognized. Looking at his daughter lying in the blood, he felt indescribable pain in his heart...

He clearly remembered what his daughter had told him before she died. She said, "Dad, don't let go of Jiang Group. Help me take revenge!"

Thinking of this, he clenched his fists. He bit his lips tightly, and a tear fell from the corner of his eye. "Dad will definitely avenge you. You won't die for nothing!"

He swore that one day, he would let Jared experience the pain of losing his family.

Monica's death was a suicide, which was obvious to all. But her vow before death made people tremble.

How much pressure did she have to bear before she died with such great hatred?

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