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   Chapter 325 Exposure Of Bed Photos

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10180

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"Mr. Scott, something bad happened. Someone exposed what happened two years ago, and..."

The door was pushed open and a bodyguard rushed in with a thick stack of documents in his hand. Scott frowned, but still took over the pile of things.

When Scott opened and read it, his heart seemed to be pricked by a needle every time he flipped through a piece of paper.

The scene in the photo was in a hotel. The light was dim, but one could still recognize that the naked woman in the bed was Michelle.

There was a man on top of her, with his back to the camera, and he couldn't see what he looked like.

In one of the photos, Michelle looked very painful, and in the last few photos, her expression gradually changed into a painful and blurred look. The man on her could only be seen his back, surrounded by light blue walls and white sheets.

Every photo was like a basin of cold water pouring down his heart.

This was a photo taken secretly when Michelle was drugged and brought to the hotel.

Take photos in secret? Who was so bold to take such photos!

Scott couldn't imagine how much the bed photos would affect Michelle after they were exposed. He only knew that he had to prevent these photos from being exposed!

Before Scott could think it over, he clenched those photos in his hand and squeezed them into a ball.

The bodyguard stood beside him and didn't know what to do for a moment.

"Go and gather the chief editor of the periodical office right away. I want to see them. Remember, don't let go of any newspaper, even a small one. "

He ordered his men to do it. Because of Michelle, he was already very busy.

At present, the only person who could save her was Monica.

However, in order to get him, Monica did such a dirty thing. Scott would never fall in love with this woman.

On the highway, Michelle looked out of the window quietly. It seemed that those people were still cursing her.

"Beat her to death!"

"You are really a bitch! You seduced a man, but now you dare to show the bed photo. Do you want to prove your relationship with Mr. Scott? You are so low! "

Michelle leaned against the window, trembling.

The malicious expressions of those people and all kinds of vicious words constantly appeared in her mind. She couldn't bear such an attack. She found herself covered with bruises.

In a word, Michelle's reputation was almost spread all over the country in a day. She was not a star or a rich person, but she still encountered such a thing.

She even felt that she was a mistake from the moment she was born in this world.

"Michelle, you still have us."

Seeing this, Emily hurriedly held her cold hands. Michelle didn't say anything or look at her. She just leaned against the window quietly.

The car had driven for a long distance. When it arrived at a turn, Walter saw several cars waiting at the roadside. He immediately drove over and pulled over.

"Mr. Walter, Mr. Scott asked us to come here."


After saying that, Walter went

shed open and Scott saw the man sitting on the rocking chair at a glance.

He walked over and asked coldly, "do you have any good idea?"

"At this critical moment, do you still want to hide Michelle's identity? I know you understand what I mean. You don't want to, but you have to know that this is the only way to save Michelle. "

Lucas stood up from the chair and looked straight into Scott's eyes.

"How did you know that?" With his eyes wide open, Scott looked at Lucas standing in front of him and couldn't believe that he knew about it.

"You are not meant to be together. If you don't tell the truth, it will only hurt her."

"What will she think if I tell it?" Scott almost roared, but soon, he was held against the head by a gun of Lucas's subordinate.

"If you don't tell the truth, you will only hurt her! Think about it. What kind of hurt is more to her? Do you know who is behind this? It's Zoy! Michelle should have had endless wealth, but Zoy took it away. Do you think she will let Michelle go easily? "

Lucas was a little angry. He grabbed Scott's collar and glared at him.

"But you should also know that if I tell the truth, Zoy won't let Michelle go easily." That was what Scott had always cared about. Fame and fortune were just nominal.

"Does she let Michelle go now? You have to think it over. If you don't get rid of Zoy, Michelle won't be happy all her life! Scott, please don't be so selfish, okay? "

Love was selfish. Even if Scott didn't care about it, Lucas couldn't.

However, after the truth was exposed, everyone would turn to look at Zoy instead of suspecting Michelle. But before they did this, they must have solid evidence.

Before the evidence was collected, he was not sure whether he could complete it.

Lucas's trick was called to distract people's attention. He wanted to attract other people's attention, and so did reporters. When they encountered new news, they would no longer be interested in the past. They would only chase after it and never stop.

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