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   Chapter 324 It's A Trap

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10126

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"Now that she did it, let's go out and make it clear to the reporters. Let's see who will be the final winner!"

Emily was always the one who couldn't keep calm. She just knew to rush forward, but she never thought about the consequences.

"Emily, if you do this, it will only hurt Michelle." Walter stopped her in a hurry, or she would cause some trouble when she went out.

"Both you and I are worried about Michelle, but it's the best if she is fine now. If you go out, she will be the only one who gets hurt. Think about it. Those people think she is a mistress. How can they let her go so easily? "

Walter was right. It made others convince him.

"Then what do you think we should do?"

"We need the person who tied the bell. If Monica doesn't stand out to explain, it will hurt Monica more and more." Walter looked at the person sitting on the sofa in a daze and felt bad.

It was all because of Scott that Michelle became like this. If it weren't for him, her life wouldn't have been so bumpy.

Lucas returned home dejectedly. He summoned his subordinates to deal with this matter.

"You must deal with it well, or you will come to see me with your heads up!" This matter was rather tricky and troublesome to deal with, Lucas was not fully confident.

Lucas couldn't figure out who revealed the news about the literature club. Now that Michelle knew the truth, she would definitely not accept his money, because she hated to work under him.

The villa was in a mess and no one noticed the movement in the basement.

The rope on Zoy's hand was being cut off by her bit by bit, and what she was holding was just a broken spoon, which was constantly stroking with the sharp end.

"No one is allowed to take away my things. They belong to me, mine!"

When Zoy was struggling, the rope on her wrist had been cut off. She bent down to untie the rope on her feet.

At the same time, the door of the basement was gently pushed open. A servant stood at the door and shouted at the person in the basement, "Miss, everything is ready."

"Good." Zoy stood up from the chair and smiled weirdly.

In the dark, even if no one saw the smile on her face, it was still frightening.

Because of what happened to Michelle, Lucas had no time to care about the situation in the basement at all.

It was late at night. When she was sure that no one would find her, Zoy followed the servant and went out from a short door behind the villa.

"If you help me, I will definitely ask the Mu family to pay you back." Before leaving, Zoy thanked the servant who had helped her, but in fact, she would not take his help seriously.

When she ran to the roadside, Zoy borrowed the servant's phone and dialed the long lost number, but it showed an empty number. She couldn't help but feel a little angry, but she still dialed another person's number.

"Hurry up. Send someone to pick me up."

Five minutes later, a black car slowly stopped at the side of the road. Seeing this, Zoy immediately opened

t of people outside. He knew that something bad was going to happen, so he immediately backed the car.

"Stop that car! That bitch is inside!" Someone shouted and caused a sensation.

The crowd, like the corpses in the movie, constantly rushed over.

"What should we do?"

Emily looked around anxiously. It was the first time that she had encountered such a thing.

Walter didn't say anything, but kept stepping back. There were too many people, and they seemed to be crazy. For a moment, Walter was in a flutter.

He was afraid that someone would rush out. If he didn't brake the car in time, it would be terrible.

Emily was still holding Kevin in her arms. Obviously, at this time, Kevin didn't know what had happened and looked very calm. He turned his head and looked at the crowd outside the window. He didn't know what they were doing.

Walter didn't have time to call Scott, so he had to give the phone to Emily.

Soon, the phone was connected.

After learning the news from the airport, Scott immediately widened his eyes. He did not expect that these people were well prepared.

It seemed that he had underestimated that person.

"Now everyone in C City is targeting Michelle. You go to the expressway right now. I'll have someone pick you up there."

After hanging up the phone quickly, Scott sent someone out immediately.

If he had known it earlier, he shouldn't have made this plan. Monica had expected that Michelle would escape, so she had set a trap for her.

Those people seemed to be crazy, constantly slapping the window, wishing to break it.

"Michelle, you bitch! Come out and give Miss. Monica an explanation!"

"Stop hiding. Wherever you go, you are always a dirty woman. This is a fact that can't be changed. I advise you to kneel down in front of Miss. Monica and beg her to forgive you. "

Those people began to attack the people in the car with vicious words. They seemed to know that Michelle was in the car.

But who on earth spread the news?

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