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   Chapter 323 Please Give Him Back To Me

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10537

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"Zoy, I don't think you know it clearly. You are just used by me. We don't cooperate."

"You..." Although Zoy was angry, Lucas's men were around, she dared not act rashly.

It seemed that he couldn't eat any more. Lucas left the table and went upstairs directly. However, Zoy was tied up by several men in black and walked towards the dark basement.

"Let me go! Let me go! I have something to talk to your boss!" She struggled, but all her efforts were in vain.

In the Imperial Community.

"The medicine is gone." She opened the drawer under the tea table and found that she had ran out of the medicine. It seemed that she had to go out to buy it again. After what happened last time, she suddenly found that she was afraid of going out.

Her right eye had been twitching since this morning, and even her heart was telling herself that something bad would happen today.

It was getting colder and colder outside. Michelle went out with a red fur dress, a black fur overcoat, a newly bought low boots, and a small bag.

As soon as she walked out of the corridor, a gust of wind blew her face cold. She couldn't help but wrap herself in her coat.

There was no pharmacy near the community, so she wouldn't go to the original place. There was a pharmacy five hundred meters away from the community, but no bus could arrive.

She stopped a taxi and arrived at the pharmacy soon. Michelle walked in a hurry. She found that she didn't seem to belong to this world anymore. Wherever she went, she would be noticed.

She didn't like it.

She went home smoothly. The air conditioner was on in the room, so it was not so cold. Michelle took off her coat, put it on the sofa, and then walked into the kitchen. She made herself a cup of medicine and took some anti-inflammatory drugs.

She turned on the TV and felt sleepy gradually. It should be the side effect of the medicine. Even though she had a clear consciousness, she couldn't open her eyes.

The voice on the TV was still lingering in her ears. She didn't know when her mobile phone rang.

She opened her eyes and took out her phone from her bag. It was a strange number.

After hesitating for a while, she picked up the phone.


"I'm Monica and Miss. Michelle. Can I have a face-to-face talk with you?" The voice on the phone was a little choked, as if she had cried before.

"Okay." Michelle didn't refuse.

When she walked out of the community, a black car suddenly stopped in front of her. The window was rolled down, and Monica's face with exquisite makeup appeared in front of her.

Michelle didn't expect that she would come back. Shouldn't she be abroad?

But rich people like them didn't care where they went, it had nothing to do with her.

"Miss. Michelle, long time no see."

After getting in the car, Monica greeted her warmly, which confused Michelle.

Michelle glanced at her with a faint smile and said nothing.

The car stopped in front of a high-end restaurant. The driver opened the door for Monica and helped her walk inside. She wore a sweater and a long skirt, and her belly bulged slightly. Michelle's he


At that moment, she felt as if she had fallen into a trap that had been planned for a long time. The trap was very deep, and she was constantly falling.

Worried that something might happen to Michelle, Lucas drove to the gate of the community and saw several women coming out of the building with paint barrels in their hands.

He frowned and realized that the situation was not good. He hurriedly opened the door and got off the car.

As soon as he walked out of the elevator, he smelled a pungent paint smell. The walls outside the apartment were painted with red paint, with all kinds of vicious words, such as sluts, mistresses, potential rules and so on.

Even the door was splashed with red paint.

Lucas stepped forward and knocked on the door.

He knocked on the door for a long time, but no one came to open it, which made him a little anxious.

"Michelle, open the door! It's me! " He was afraid that Michelle would mistake him for those women who came to make trouble, so he shouted deliberately so that she could recognize him.

But Michelle was indeed not at home. In the afternoon, out of fear, she had driven to Sunset Glow Community to look for Emily and others. Now, she was sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of cold water in her hand.

Emily came out of the kitchen and made some food for her, trying to distract her attention.

But Michelle didn't even want to look at it. She stared at the news on TV.

It was dark outside, but there were still reporters who went to the gate of the Imperial Community for an interview. The red paint outside the door stung her eyes.

"Michelle, did you fall into someone's trap?"

Such a big thing must have been deliberately exposed, and that person was Monica.

Perhaps no one would have thought that such a graceful lady would do such a shameful thing. But everyone was blinded by Monica, so no one would guess whether it was true or not.

"It's Monica."

Michelle said firmly. When Walter came out of the bedroom, he had just lulled Kevin to sleep. He was still shocked when he heard the name.

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