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   Chapter 322 Something That Doesn't Belong To Her

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9902

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Love was selfish. Sometimes people could do a lot of crazy things for it, and would never regret it all their lives.

Thinking about it carefully, Michelle was really wrong. She knew that Scott was going to marry with Scott, but she still appeared in front of him shamelessly. She knew it would distract Scott, but she still did it.

So she was really a bad woman.

She would never come to this room again. Because there were so many memories here that she couldn't help thinking of Scott.

She had no right to sell this house because it was given by Jared. She also couldn't leave here because she had no one to rely on and didn't know where to go.

She had thought writing would be a wonderful thing, but now it seemed that it was just her dream.

She locked that room, and it might not be opened for the rest of her life. Thinking of her life, Michelle lowered her head and smiled bitterly.

People were always at a loss, because they didn't know how far they would go in the future.

Looking at the old people on the street, they perhaps thought about themselves at young. Slowly, we will grow old, from the beginning to the end.

Standing in front of the French window, Michelle looked at the sky in the distance.

After coming out of the hospital, her condition seemed to be much more stable. Perhaps it was because she didn't wear much clothes that she felt a little cold.

She didn't want to have dinner.

After a hot shower, she dried her hair and lay on the bed with her eyes closed.

Scott left, but he would always live in her heart.

In the middle of the night, Michelle woke up from hunger. She touched her flat stomach and warned herself to wait until dawn. However, her belly didn't listen to her at all.

She had no choice but to lift the quilt and get out of bed.

She opened the refrigerator and found a variety of vegetables, fruits and meat. Her heart trembled slightly, because she knew that it was bought by Scott before he left.

After searching carefully for a while, she found that there were several boxes of packed things in the fridge.

She put the boxes in front of her, only to find that these were all unopened take out, and there were a lot of dishes.

She didn't know when there was a microwave in the kitchen, and these take out could be eaten hot.

Michelle just took two dishes and rice to heat them. The packaging box was very beautiful and she didn't want to throw it away after eating it.

Feeling sleepy, Michelle had to put the boxes on the table temporarily and planned to wash them tomorrow.

After eating and drinking enough, Michelle felt very satisfied. She lay in bed and fell asleep soon.

When she woke up the next day, she felt extremely relaxed, probably because she had been infused for two days in the hospital.

She got out of bed and was about to wash up. When she passed the table, she found that the box had disappeared. She rubbed her eyes,

is time.

Lucas was still sitting on the armchair. He looked at the people in the darkness without any expression on his face.

His smile stopped when he was eleven years old. Since then, he had only hatred in his heart. It was hatred that blinded his eyes and made him unable to see clearly what was going on in the world.

But he didn't know what happiness was until he met Michelle.

The taste of happiness was sweet, like honey.

"Mr. Lucas, lunch is ready."

Outside the door came the voices of the servants.

In fact, Lucas was very young, but he was the only master of the family.

When he went out, Lucas did an exception today, which was to have lunch with Zoy.

The decision scared everyone in the villa, but no one dared to say anything. Obviously, Zoy was also surprised.

"Why are you so kind to bring me out today?"

Zoy sat opposite him. Although her feet were tied, her hands were free again.

She played with her wrist and looked at Lucas with a smile.

"Shut up if you want to suffer less." She thought he would say something nice, but she didn't expect him to be so domineering when he spoke.

As a sensible woman, Zoy wouldn't go against Lucas, but it also proved that she was getting closer and closer to escape.

Although now was also a chance, if she took action this time, it would not be so smooth next time. On the contrary, Lucas paid more attention to her.

"Frank, how long do you plan to tie me up like this?" Looking at the rope on her feet, Zoy said with dissatisfaction.

"You are not qualified to negotiate with me."

Lucas said casually as he put the food into his mouth.

"But have you forgotten that we used to cooperate with each other? We are partners!" Zoy was a little excited. This was the only chance she could talk to him.

Lucas didn't say anything. The men in black around him immediately took out their guns and pointed them at Zoy.

Frightened, Zoy had to shut up and eat.

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