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   Chapter 320 Identity Was A Mystery

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At this moment, she didn't want to get up at all, nor did she want to open her eyes. She felt uncomfortable all over her body.

Lucas stood beside her and wiped the sweat on her forehead carefully.

After taking the medicine, she felt dizzy because of the side effects. She was so sleepy that she couldn't concentrate on one thing.


In her dream, Michelle suddenly said that. Lucas turned up the air conditioner in the room, but it was useless.

Michelle felt more uncomfortable and began to kick the quilt restlessly.

Lucas immediately stopped her. He was afraid that she would hurt herself by accident.

Perhaps Lucas didn't expect that the person accompanying her at the moment was him, not Scott.

"Michelle, wake up. Have this bowl of porridge."

In a daze, Michelle was held in Lucas's arms. She opened her eyes slightly, only felt that she still wanted to sleep.

Lucas had no choice but to let her lean in his arms, and then began to feed her with the porridge.

Fortunately, Michelle still knew how to eat.

The porridge was finished after a few bites. Michelle really couldn't eat anything. Lucas thought she had a fever, so he touched her forehead, but found nothing unusual.

If she had a fever, she would be fine after sweating. But it would take some time to treat a cold with the result of hot.

Michelle weakly leaned against Lucas's chest. She didn't know if it was dark outside. She only knew that she was very sleepy now. She wanted to say something, but she swallowed it back.

She found her throat hurt, even when she was swallowing.

It seemed that she was seriously ill this time.

"Have a good sleep. You will be fine tomorrow."

Before leaving, Lucas reminded her. He put her gently on the bed and left after confirming that she was asleep.

In order to ensure her safety, Lucas slept in the living room. Although his eyes were closed, he could hear the noise from outside at the first time.

He had been working for his business for a long time, so it was impossible to lack such an alerting sense.

On that day, the matter about Michelle was put online. At first, it was spread in the forum and BBS, and finally someone put the video on the Internet. Lucas didn't know who took the video, but he swore that he wouldn't let them go.

Obviously, Scott also saw this news abroad. He bought the air ticket back that day.

When he got home, he found that Lucas was lying on the sofa and sleeping. His stomach was burning. He took a few steps forward, rudely grabbed Lucas's collar and lifted him up.

"Scott, are you crazy?"

The woman in her sleep was soon awakened by Scott. Lucas looked at the man holding his collar, as if he was going to fight.

"Why didn't you protect her well after I left?" While speaking, Scott's fist had hit on the side face of Lucas.

Lucas admitted that it was his fault that he failed to protect Michelle. But it should not be hi

cott, I would have killed you. "

Since Michelle had fallen asleep, Lucas didn't worry that she would hear these words. In fact, it would be better if she heard them, so that he wouldn't have to explain in the future.

"Humph, I, Scott, always dare to take the responsibility. If you want to kill me, I will never shrink back." Sitting on the sofa, Scott warned Lucas in the same cold tone.

All the time, he felt that the man beside him looked at him with complicated eyes, as if he had a deep-rooted hatred. Before that, Scott had sent someone to investigate the information about Lucas, but he couldn't get any clue.

It was as if Lucas wanted to block his identity on purpose and prevent others from finding out.

This man seemed to have a great relationship with the Jiang Group.

But what was it?

Perhaps because of the infusion, Michelle fell asleep for no reason, and she didn't remember what happened last night.

She looked out of the window with her side face through the thin curtain. In fact, Michelle was not looking at anything, but immersed in her own world.

"Michelle, are you awake? What do you want to eat? " It was Lucas who came in. Michelle could hear his voice.

She closed her eyes again. It seemed that she saw Scott coming back. When she opened her eyes again, she found that it was still bright outside.

"Michelle, are you okay?" Seeing that she didn't say anything, Lucas thought the infusion didn't work and got flustered.

"I don't want to eat anything." She covered herself with the quilt. At this time, she really had no appetite at all.

It was normal that she didn't want to eat anything when she was sick, but Michelle even refused to drink water. Lucas knew that she was missing Scott, so he asked Scott to take care of her this afternoon.

When Scott arrived, he bought her favorite noodles from a roadside stall. Although he didn't know how it tasted, the sour taste was easy to arouse her appetite.

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