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   Chapter 318 Something Shameful

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"Scott, there are so many servants in your house. Why don't you go back and suffer here? Are you stupid?"

In front of everyone, Michelle broke out into curses, regardless of the dignity of Scott.

However, the persons who carried the things behind her were stunned, and then pretended not to hear anything and continued to work.

It had to be said that there were a lot of things in Scott's house. Looking at the living room full of things, Michelle really doubted if he had moved the whole house here.

"I'm so stupid to see you."

Scott answered shamelessly. His eyes were so sweet that they made people want to beat him!

This person was always so domineering. She really hoped that Scott hadn't regained his memory. But it was just a dream to think like this.

Scott lived here, Michelle felt embarrassed because they met every day. Moreover, there were more people at home for no reason, and appetite had increased. She couldn't even care about herself. How could she afford to raise such a big shot?

It seemed that Scott had seen through her confusion. He bent over and whispered in her ear, "don't worry. I will give you the salary you deserve."

"I'm not your servant!"

Michelle lost her reason and roared again, which made those who were still splitting things stunned again. The atmosphere was really embarrassing. If she went out of the house, she would have nowhere to go.

What's more, the name on the property ownership certificate was Michelle, not Scott.

After thinking for a while, Michelle finally accepted the fact.

"Okay, you can live here, but our relationship should be like that of the landlord and the tenant. This house is mine. I have the right to charge you the rent. "

In fact, this decision was not what she thought, but there was only this way now.

With so many things moving in, it was estimated that Scott would not move out in a short time.

"No problem. You can have whatever you want." At the same time, Scott also grinned.

Michelle glared at him angrily. Only then did she find that he was naked, and when she washed clothes just now, she seemed to find a man's underwear. It meant that he didn't wear it now...

Thinking of this, Michelle blushed. She pushed away Scott and rushed back to her room shyly.

Scott stood still and smiled complacently.

Money was nothing to him. He would give her as much money as she wanted.

After packing up, everyone left. The villa became an empty house without a master.

The room was the largest and had two wardrobes against the wall. Scott didn't expect that Jared's design would be so considerate. In order to save space, he had spent a lot of time and energy.

After he went back to his room, Scott opened the wardrobe and chose a home wear. He didn't want to see others in this way all the time.

What's more, that person was still so easy to be shy.

He didn't know how long he could live in this house. Anyway, it was a good thing that he could stay with her.

Scott knew that Michelle had lost her job, but she didn't want to be his secretary, so he decided to p

ato and soup, there was only onion and egg soup on the table.

Michelle didn't want to talk to him. She just lowered her head and enjoyed the meal.

If you don't eat vegetables, you can't live longer.

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Scott didn't say anything more. He drank a bowl of soup first and thought it was so delicious, then began to eat.

Although these dishes looked ordinary, they were still very delicious. He ate three bowls of rice at a time, which was probably his limit.

After that, Michelle cleaned up the table. Now she really became the nanny of the Scott, not the housekeeper. Did the housekeeper need to do these things?

But since she could make money by doing this, she would behave well and didn't care what kind of job it was.

Sitting in the living room and listening to the sound from the kitchen, Scott couldn't help laughing again. Wasn't this kind of life what he wanted?

However, there seemed to be something missing in the house.

After washing the dishes, Michelle went back to her room, because the TV in the living room was occupied by him. Since she didn't have to work for the draft these days, she would watch TV series.

All of a sudden, she became interested in a Korean series, but it was not easy to see.

She just watched the news and found it was a funny horror type. Then she gradually fell in love with it.

Just as she was thinking about it, she was startled by the knock on the door.

She took off her headphones and went to open the door.

"What's wrong?" She asked coldly without looking at Scott.

"Why did you stay in the room for so long? Are you doing something shameful?" Scott leaned against the door and crossed his arms. His tall figure made people want to worship him, but Michelle was an exception.

"Can you stop acting like this? I'm at my home. Why can't I stay in my room? I'm watching TV. Is there anything wrong? Don't forget that you are just a tenant of this house. " Michelle reminded him word by word, afraid that Scott would forget his identity at the moment.

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