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   Chapter 317 Who Let You Move In

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10477

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Panting heavily, Michelle stood on the sofa and complained, "why should I bring you in so warm-heartedly?"

Although she said so, Michelle still cared about him. She fetched a basin of hot water from the bathroom and wiped his face and neck to make Scott feel better.

Fortunately, during this period of time, Scott was very obedient and did not do anything to her.

But on second thought, Michelle felt ridiculous. What could a drunk man do to her?

"Why are you so drunk?" Michelle stood up and walked into the bathroom with a basin in her arms. But the next second, Scott turned over lazily and called out her name.

At that moment, Michelle felt as if she had been hit by a acupoint and stood still.

At night, Scott had to lie on the carpet. Michelle was afraid that he would catch a cold, so she took a blanket out of the bedroom and covered him.

"Michelle, don't leave me... Don't leave... "

He suddenly grabbed her hand and put it on his chest. Even if Michelle was struggling, it was useless.

"Scott, let go of me..." She knew he was drunk, but she still struggled hard. Now, Michelle was not sure if he was drunk or not.

Why was he still so strong when he was drunk?

Without giving her any chance to speak, Scott pulled her into his arms and kissed her thin lips.

Michelle's eyes widened subconsciously. She put her hands in front of the two people. To be honest, she was very scared now.

What filled her mouth was the unpleasant smell of alcohol. She didn't like it very much.

Fortunately, Scott just kissed her for a while and then let go of her. He did not continue.

But what were they doing now?

At this moment, Michelle was wronged and burst into tears. She looked at the man in front of her and cried more and more sadly.

"Scott, tell me, what are we doing?"

The next day.

When Scott woke up from his dream, he was awakened by the smell of food. He opened his eyes and found himself lying in a strange environment.

He was covered with a blanket. He remembered that the color and smell of the blanket belonged to Michelle.

He lifted up the blanket on his body and walked towards the kitchen. At this time, Michelle was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

"Are you awake? Go to the bathroom and wash yourself. " Michelle's voice was as soft as cotton candy.

Scott went into the bathroom obediently and came out five minutes later, but Michelle was no longer in the kitchen. He turned around and walked to the table, only to find that Michelle was sitting on a chair for breakfast.

He smiled and sat down silently.

Today's breakfast was very rich, and there was a bowl of hangover soup in front of Scott. He knew that it was specially prepared for him by Michelle. Thinking of this, the smile on his face became wider and wider.

Michelle gave him a careful look and held back her smile.

After breakfast, Michelle continued to ignore Scott. In this house, he was air.

But Scott didn't leave, which gave Michelle a headache.

"Mr. Scott, why are you still here?"

At this moment, she began to ask him out rudely. In fact, she

e weather was very sunny now, and it might be dry after two hours.

However, as soon as she came out of the bathroom, she saw the door was open and Scott disappeared. She walked over and looked out. At the same time, the elevator door was opened.

What she saw was the butler of the Jiang family's villa. She knew him.

"Miss. Michelle, long time no see."

When she was about to say something, the butler greeted her politely.

Michelle was a little stunned. She looked at the man in front of her, but didn't know what to say. Realizing that he was going to come in, she took the initiative to make a way for him.

Then, several men in black came out of the elevator with many paper boxes in their hands, which looked very heavy. Michelle didn't know what these people were going to do, nor did she know what was in the suitcase. Anyway, she felt that something bad would happen.

"Butler, these things are..."

She walked over and asked the butler.

"Mr. Scott asked me to bring them here. These are his clothes."

Butler said unhurriedly. His kind face made people difficult to be angry.


Michelle was shocked, and at the same time, Scott came out of the bedroom. What was more hateful was that he chose the biggest bedroom in the house!

At this moment, Michelle felt her nose burning.

She knew it was useless to tell the Butler about it. She strode to the front of Scott, stood on tiptoe and looked into his eyes. She said angrily, "how could you be so shameless? Did I let you live in? "

She pointed at his nose and cursed. She couldn't control herself in front of Scott.

Scott didn't get angry, but looked at her angry face with amusement. He hadn't seen her like this for a long time. In fact, the real Michelle was now.

Seeing his smile, Michelle became angrier.

However, she couldn't stop those who were carrying things to her house. She had no choice. The house was bought by Jared, and she had no right to refuse to let anyone in, not to mention that this person was his own son.

"From now on, we will live together."

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