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   Chapter 316 I Won't Let You Go

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9952

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"I haven't had dinner either. Can I stay here?"

Since he had chosen this time, he must have eaten something before he went back. Obviously, Michelle was too embarrassed to refuse, so she had to let him stay here for dinner tonight.

She was afraid that this would cause a dissatisfaction of Scott, because the two companies had always been incompatible. Would she become a traitor by doing so?

At this thought, there was a knock on the door. She was like a child who had done something wrong. She looked at Lucas first, then stood up and approached the door.

When she stood at the door, she hesitated for a while, because she didn't know whether she should open the door or not.

Would Scott misunderstand her if he saw her having dinner with another man?

When the door was opened, Scott carried two big bags in his hands. He was in a good mood, but after stepping into the door, his smiling face immediately darkened.

He didn't expect that Lucas would come. If he knew that Lucas was here, he would definitely catch up with him and lock the door tightly. He would never let anyone in.

"Mr. Lucas, welcome!"

As soon as Scott entered the room, he said rudely to Lucas, who was sitting at the table, as if he was the host here. Michelle stood aside. Even if there was no interaction between the two men, she could still feel the strong smell of gunpowder.

"Mr. Scott, I didn't expect this to be your hiding place." Anyone with discerning eyes could tell what Lucas meant.

Scott's face darkened. He knew that Lucas was making fun of him.

"I'll get you some rice." Michelle found an excuse to leave. All she wanted to do now was to hide in the kitchen and never come out.

Outside, there was a war between men. She was afraid that if she went out, she would be shot for no reason.

The sound insulation of the community was not very good, so she could clearly hear the conversation between the two people outside. If possible, she really hoped that she hadn't opened the door and let out two tigers at once.

"If you are a man, let's go out and have a talk."

She heard it clearly. It was Scott who said this. She didn't go out to stop them and let the two go out.

After the door was closed again, Michelle felt as if she had just been pulled out of hell and almost couldn't breathe.

After the two men went out, Michelle sat at the table for dinner. Without them, the dinner seemed to be more delicious.

Scott and Lucas were driving at a high speed in C City.

The car was moving very fast. It seemed that a slight carelessness would cause an accident. The two men in the car seemed to be crazy.

The two cars finally stopped in the suburb. Scott got out of the car and approached Lucas's car aggressively. At the same time, Lucas also got out of the car. He also looked at Scott who was walking towards him with no expression on his face.

Lucas's calmness made Scott feel more disgusted.

He walked over, grab

uch a long time?

All in all, Michelle was moved.

She couldn't believe her ears and eyes because of the recent quiet. All the negative news about Scott had disappeared on the Internet. However, the comments below the website proved that everything was true.

Going back to the Jiang Group would only be her nightmare. No matter what Scott said, she would not agree.

The fact that she had only stop her writing didn't mean that she would be suspended all the time. Moreover, she could save it in the near future.

Thinking of this, Michelle felt full of confidence.

She didn't know how she hung up the phone. When she was about to turn off the light and go to sleep, there was a quick knock on the door, and it was louder and louder.

It was especially harsh in such a quiet night.

She was afraid that it would wake up the neighbors nearby, so she got out of bed and opened the door. Just in case, she specially took out a rolling pin from the kitchen. If the other party was really a bad person, she could hit it without hesitation.

First of all, she slowly opened the gap, and what she saw was nothing but darkness.

Michelle couldn't help clenching the rolling pin in her hand and raising it, as if she was going to throw it out the next second.

When the whole door was opened, Scott also landed on the ground. Michelle couldn't help but scream. She thought she had bumped into a thief, but the voice control light in the corridor was on. Then she saw clearly who fell at her feet.

Scott was so drunk that he gave off a strong smell of alcohol, which was very pungent.

Michelle didn't expect him to come and meet her in such a scene.

She couldn't just stand by and do nothing?

Michelle asked herself in her heart. Then she bent down and began to drag Scott into the room. She was obviously not strong enough. When she finally dragged Scott to the carpet in the living room, she found that she had no strength to hold him to the sofa.

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