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   Chapter 314 He Doesn't Love You At All

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10211

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When she went out, the living room was empty except for the bowl of tomato and egg noodles on the tea table.

That was the best and the only thing Scott could do.

She had never thought that he would leave.

'Why do you feel disappointed?'

She asked herself in her heart, but no one answered her.

When she ate the plain noodles, she felt full. This feeling had disappeared for a long time.

In the VIP lounge of the airport.

"Dad, I don't want to go abroad!"

"You have no choice. There is no place for us to stay in C City now. We can only develop abroad." Monica's father looked helpless and reluctant to leave. In fact, he didn't want to leave either. It was a pity that the great opportunity was lost.

"The child is innocent. Dad, we have our chips." Monica stood up regardless of her image and shouted at her father. She attracted everyone's attention in an instant.

Monica's father tried to dissuade her. They were now public figures, and if she was careless, they would only cause more trouble.

The reason why she went abroad was to get rid of the reporters.

"The baby is still in your belly, and the chips haven't fallen on the ground. We don't have any solid chips. After you go abroad, you can take good care of yourself and the baby, it will be fine after the baby is born. "

"No, I don't believe you! At that time, even if the Jiang family recognizes this child, they will not accept me! Dad, have you ever considered for me? "

Monica always believed in her own will. After she went abroad, she had no chance to fight for him.

"Do you think he married you because he really loves you?" Monica's father looked at his daughter sadly. He never believed that there would be so many coincidences in the world.

"Dad, don't you think your words and deeds are ridiculous? Now you know to interfere with me. Why did you do it earlier? You insisted on my marriage with Scott. If you had known it earlier, you should have stopped it at that time. "

Monica was a little excited. Monica's father was worried about her baby, so he comforted her to sit down first.

"There are too many reporters outside now, so we have no choice but to leave. We will come back when the situation is stable."

Monica had no choice but to agree first. But she would never forget the fact that Scott abandoned her at the wedding for that woman. She swore that she would never let go of Michelle!

"I'm going to destroy her. I'm going to make her unable to turn over for the rest of her life!"

Sitting in the waiting room, Monica clenched her fists. Her long nails were deeply embedded in her flesh, as if they could bleed.

In the Imperial Community, Michelle sat alone on the sofa in the living room. She stared at the video in the computer, mixed feelings in her heart.

When she saw that Scott left Monica behind, she was very excited. But when she heard him call her name, her heart seemed to be gripped by someone, and it expanded rapidly.

She thought it was a lie that Scott regained his memory, but

o rice at home. She had to go out to buy it later.

"Michelle, don't eat instant noodles anymore, okay? It's okay to eat it once in a while, but it's not good for your health if you often eat it. "

When she was washing the dishes, Scott suddenly came over and stood beside her.

If he was not afraid that she would be angry, he would hold her without hesitation.

Standing next to Scott, Michelle felt very uncomfortable.

"Mr. Scott, we have finished lunch. Are you leaving now?"

"Michelle, I know you hate me, but my heart is yours. The woman I don't like, as long as I want, I will make her disappear forever! " Scott looked at her seriously and swore.

"Scott, you should know that you are a man. How many times have I said that? Monica is pregnant with your child. Even if you don't like her, the baby in her belly is indeed yours. You know what? I hate that irresponsible you very much. "

Michelle was also a little angry. She put down the bowl in her hand suddenly and looked at Scott aggressively. Those words not only hurt Scott, but also hurt her heart.

Scott stood there without saying anything more, Michelle knew that Scott was famous for his thick skin. She didn't want to waste her time on this man.

Throwing away the things in her hands, Michelle walked towards the bedroom angrily. Her mood was very complicated now. Because her work was gone and her draft was suspended, it also meant that she could not continue to write these days.

Scott had been paying attention to the novel she published on the Internet all the time. Before he regained his memory, he knew that the story happened between him and Michelle. This story was vividly described by Michelle. Emily and others also knew that this story was true.

When she stayed in the room, she heard the door closing. She knew that Scott had left.

People in love were always like this. When they thought they didn't love each other, they would find the next second that they loved each other so much that they didn't want to live.

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