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   Chapter 312 He Remembered

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The furthest distance in the world is the track of my tears falling after you turn around.

Soon it was the wedding day, and the wedding party was threw in the Jiang villa. The banquet hall was crowded with people.

Monica's father was very dissatisfied with the arrangement of the wedding. The Wang family used to be a celebrity, and his daughter's wedding banquet was so shabby. As a father, he naturally felt uncomfortable.

In the lounge, Monica, in a white wedding dress, stood in front of the clear and bright floor mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled happily when she thought that she was going to marry with Scott.

The wedding ceremony was simple, but she didn't care about it at all. She just wanted to be with Scott.

Outside the villa, pink roses and red rose petals were all over the ground. The wind blew, and the fragrance overflowed.

The wedding ceremony was open to all the media, because this was the request of Monica's father. He said that he must give his daughter a title.

The atmosphere was very romantic, but no one knew how Scott felt about Monica.

The wedding began.

The flower child scattered petals and led the bride into the hall.

Everybody applauded, and the people sitting on both sides of the red carpet looked at the beautiful bride. The white dress she was wearing was designed by a famous French designer, and the water drill on her waist was particularly dazzling in the sun.

Wearing a black suit, Scott stood straight beside the platform.

The designer suit captured his strong figure, and his black hair was neatly trimmed. He looked cool and calm. His angular features were delicate and handsome. The two thick eyebrows frowned slightly, and deep eyes were like the deep sea, looking calm, but waves were rolling.

Listening to the wedding march, he began to feel nervous. In his memory, the same scene seemed to be echoing.

Scott stood there, looking at the ground and shaking his head desperately. The fragments of his mind popped out of his mind like a leap and disappeared, making him in a mess.

Michelle's and his voice could be heard from time to time.

"Scott, how can you forget me? Tell me, why did you forget me? "

"Michelle, can you marry me? I will be good to you all my life."

The picture was very blurry. Scott wanted to combine those broken pictures together, but he found that the more he thought about it, the more painful his head was.

The wedding host stood in front of the platform, with a microphone in his hand. He looked at the new couple in front of him and asked, "Mr. Scott, are you willing to marry Miss. Monica as your wife? No matter what happens, will you share weal and woe with her and love her for the rest of your life?"

With a bright and refined smile, Monica slowly looked into Scott's eyes.

Being able to marry Scott was the happiest thing in her life. She had surpassed those women around him before. She got the title of the wife of the president of the Jiang Group, and more importantly, she got him.

It seemed that Scott didn't hear the host's words, because he was still thinking. His face was a little pa

ok out her phone and was about to call the police. Yes, the president of the Jiang Group escaped from the wedding. She believed that Monica's father would not let him go easily.

If she called the police and asked them to take him back, the whole thing would be complete.

He could go back to attend the unfinished wedding, and Monica could give birth to his child smoothly. The three of them could live happily together.

Thinking of this, Michelle cried in front of him.

She had loved this man deeply. They had experienced too many things together, and those memories were like movies that appeared in her minds one by one.

Michelle hated her infatuation. She should learn to be cruel.

"No, I won't leave. Even if you lock me outside, I won't leave!" It seemed that Scott had made up his mind not to leave. Michelle also understood that his stubborn temper had returned.

She liked his bossiness, but hated his bossiness.

"It's up to you." After saying that, Michelle closed the door and shut Scott out.

Scott knew that Michelle wouldn't open the door for him easily, so he didn't leave and just sat at the door. He wanted to use his persistence to move Michelle. He wanted her to know that the previous Scott had come back.

Since Scott left the wedding, the wedding couldn't go on. Jared had to explain the reason to the people who attended and cancelled the wedding.

Obviously, Monica's father was not satisfied. He asked Jared to give him and his daughter an explanation.

"Jared, Scott have humiliated our Wang family. He left my daughter behind at the wedding. Have you ever considered my feelings as a father? What will you feel if your daughter is abandoned? "

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Monica's father comforted Monica who was crying bitterly and scolded Jared rudely.

"Mike, this is their business. We won't understand. As you know, young people nowadays have complicated thoughts. "

Jared sat on the sofa and explained innocently.

If it weren't for the baby of Jiang family in Monica's belly, he wouldn't have said in such a polite voice.

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