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   Chapter 274 Who Is Michelle

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9905

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At lunch time, Michelle came to the staff canteen with the assistant.

After choosing a few of her favorite dishes, Michelle and James sat down at the table in succession. Looking at the dishes in front of her, Michelle's memory returned to two years ago.

Everything was not like what she thought.

Out of the restaurant, Scott got back in the black Porsche. When he was about to start the car, his phone rang.

He looked at the caller and answered the phone helplessly.


"Scott, how about the new secretary dad arranged for you? You should take good care of Michelle. She lost her father when she was a child, and now she lost her mother. You can't bully her. "

Jared reminded Scott on the phone, afraid that Michelle would be bullied.

Sure enough, Scott guessed exactly why Jared called, and he was right. What's the identity of Michelle? How could she make Jared so worried?

Did they really have something before? But he couldn't think of anything that belonged to them. He admitted that he would feel uncomfortable when he saw her, but that didn't mean that he had loved her very much before.

Perhaps, this was just another trap that his father had planned, waiting for him to jump into.

After what happened to Monica, he no longer believed in the so-called marriage. It could be said that as long as his father liked it, he would not interested.

"Scott, are you listening to me?"

Seeing that Scott didn't reply to him for a long time, Jared couldn't help but feel a little anxious. Scott was too self-centered and didn't take him seriously.

"I know, father. Don't worry. I will take good care of her."

After hanging up the phone, Scott started the car and drove away quickly.

When he returned to the company, Scott passed the Secretary's office. Through the transparent wall, he could see the person sitting in front of the desk and dealing with documents carefully. At that moment, his eyes were gentle.

He didn't even notice his gentle. He just stood outside the glass quietly. He felt comfortable looking at her, as if all the troubles had disappeared.

This feeling was so familiar that it made Scott's head ache for no reason.

Noticing the noise, Michelle turned around and found that Scott was holding his head in pain. She knew that he was thinking about the past again.

"Scott, are you okay?"

She stood up from the chair in a hurry and rushed out. Then she stroked his weak body. She was so anxious that she called out his name directly regardless of the identities of the two. But when she realized it, she changed her tone, "Mr. Scott, let me help you into the office to rest."

With the help of Michelle, Scott walked into the office. She put him on the sofa and poured him a glass of warm water.

In a daze, Scott opened his eyes and took the water from her.

"Mr. Scott, have a good rest. I'm going back to deal with the documents." Michelle didn't leave until she

After saying that, he slowly closed his eyes and held the photo in his arms.

He had thought that she would be in a good mood as long as she came back, but he didn't expect that she was still unhappy.

Secretly, he had sent people to follow and protect her, just because he didn't want her to be hurt at all.

The next day, when Michelle came out of the community, a taxi stopped in front of her. Michelle didn't intend to sit down, but in order to save time, she finally sat down.

"Master, the Jiang Group."

She looked at the driver and said softly.

The driver didn't say anything, but drove the car away. Soon, the taxi stopped at the gate of the Jiang Group. Michelle paid and was about to open the door to get off, but the driver gave her a business card at this time.

"Miss, would you like to contract for the taxi? You could save a lot of money in a month, which was more worthwhile than taking a bus. And we serve you on call. You might as well think about it. "

Michelle looked at the business card in her hand, and then looked up at the driver. Although she only saw the side face of the driver, she knew that the driver was not a bad person.

"Well, let me think about it. I'll call the number on the card when I'm sure."

After saying that, Michelle opened the door and got out of the car again.

Michelle had heard of this service before, but she didn't dare to think about it because she had heard that it was very expensive. And for a wage earner like her, wouldn't it be too extravagant to rent a car?

The taxi stopped after driving for a while. Frank took off the voice changer around his neck and put it on the front windshield. He was willing to do anything for her as long as he could see her.

When she entered the office, the assistant handed her a cup of coffee as usual. Michelle glanced at him and said politely, "James, in fact, you don't have to make coffee for me in the future. I can make it whatever I want."

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