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   Chapter 248 Cooperation

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In the president's office of the Jiang Group.

The door of the office was pushed open. Monica came in with a box of bentos in her hand, smiling.

"Scott, you haven't had a meal yet, have you? I made some. "

Hearing this, Scott looked up at the source of the voice. Looking at the woman standing not far away, he had no feeling at all. Although Monica had always told him that they loved each other very much and were about to get married, he still felt that something was wrong.


Although Scott thought so, he put down the documents in his hands, stood up and walked to the sofa and sat down.

Monica sat beside him and opened the box carefully.

When the lid of the box was opened, a tempting fragrance came to his nose. Looking at the delicious dishes, Scott couldn't help but eat with chopsticks.

"How? Is it delicious? "

Monica asked curiously. It was her first time to cook for others. She didn't know how it tasted. For today, she had specially attended classes, and she studied very carefully.

After failing several times, she finally made a bento that could be served on the table.

Scott chewed slowly and there was no expression on his face. After Monica asked, he put down his chopsticks, stood up and walked to the water dispenser to pour a glass of water.

Monica frowned. She knew it tasted bad.

"Let's go out."

At this time, Scott guessed that Monica hadn't eaten either. However, he really couldn't eat this Bento.

Monica took a look at the Bento on the tea table and sighed. Then she followed Scott out.

Sitting in the car, the two didn't say anything, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

When the black Porsche stopped at the door of a high-end restaurant, Scott got off first and walked towards the restaurant without looking back.

Monica thought he would open the door for her, but she was ignored.

In an elegant and luxurious French style restaurant, waiters shuttled back and forth in the hall with professional smiles. Scott ordered a table of delicious food. He didn't even know why he ordered something he didn't like.

For example, fried rice, vegetable salad, milk tea and so on.

It seemed that there was something hidden in his heart, reminding him to do so.

"Why don't you eat?"

Scott thought all the dishes he ordered were Monica's favorite, but she didn't mean to move the tableware.

He frowned and asked in confusion.

"Okay, I'll eat it now." Monica didn't know why he ordered these things, which were all her dislikes. But since it was him who ordered, Monica had to eat slowly with the tableware.

It was obvious that she was pretending.

Knowing that she didn't like it, Scott called a waiter and asked Monica to

on the sofa and drink the juice in her glass. The corners of her mouth slightly raised. "You will come back to get it one day. Since others can't rely on, I'll do it myself. There is nothing in the world that can't be done with money. "

Feeling annoyed, Scott looked at the documents on the table and felt a headache.


At this time, he suddenly heard a woman's voice. He looked up, but found that there was no one in the room.

He frowned, thinking that he had an illusion because he was too busy.

"Mr. Scott, have a cup of coffee and relax yourself."

The assistant opened the door and put the cup of hot coffee on the desk. He looked at Scott, trying to find something from his expression.

Aware of the assistant's eyes, Scott felt very uncomfortable.

"Are you free now?"


Hearing what he said, the assistant immediately panicked and hurried out of the CEO's office.

Since Scott lost his memory, his attitude towards him seemed to have changed a lot. To be exact, Scott became as cold as an iceberg.

"Well, losing memory is really a horrible thing. Is memory loss popular nowadays? " The assistant leaned against the door and sighed, shrugging helplessly.

"Emily, I have something to ask you."

After dinner, Michelle proposed to go out for a walk, Emily didn't refuse.

"You can ask whatever you want to know."

"Scott..." Michelle hesitated for a while and stammered out words.

Emily didn't want to answer this question. She was afraid that it would hurt Michelle.

"He has gone abroad. I don't know when he will come back." After thinking for a while, Emily had to say so.

Michelle couldn't see Emily's face, so she couldn't capture Emily's expression. But she believed that Emily wouldn't lie to her.

Well, since Scott had gone abroad, she would wait.

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