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"Michelle, I'll let you go, but you won't leave until your eyes recover. I have invited the most famous foreign eye doctor. I believe he will cure you. "

Frank looked at her with heartbroken and had to leave the room.

In fact, he had figured it out. He would rather let her go than see her unhappy.

It was not until the door was closed that Michelle slowly opened her eyes.

Does she really want to cure her eyes? But she had been used to darkness. She was so afraid of the light outside.

Anyway, Frank was her enemy. She would never forgive him unless he died. Thinking of this, Michelle got out of bed and walked to the balcony.

She still remembered what happened that night. She was not curious about how Frank found her. She didn't want to thank him for his help.

That day, the doctor Frank invited was examining Michelle.

"There's nothing wrong with the eyes. I guess they were stimulated." After the examination, the doctor found that there was nothing wrong with Michelle's eyes. It was not the first time that he had seen such a situation.

However, since she was suffering from blindness caused by stimulation, if she wanted to recover, she would still need herself.

"Doctor, can't it be cured?" Frank grabbed the doctor's shoulder and asked.

The doctor looked at him and said calmly, "the patient's mood is not stable, and this will also affect her eyes."

"Do you mean that as long as she is happy, her eyes will recover?"

"Yes." The doctor nodded.

After the doctor left, Frank looked back at Michelle who was in a daze. It had been two years. Wasn't she happy in the past two years?

Was she still thinking about him?

She had kept that diamond ring for two years, and she didn't want to touch it in the past two years.

Thinking of this, Frank's heart began to ache. It turned out that he had been flattering himself. She had never loved him. The reason why she agreed to be his girlfriend was probably because of Scott.

To make her happy, her eyes would never be good unless she left him.

He killed his confidant for her. For her sake, he sent people madly to look for her, even if the wound was inflamed, he endured it. His action made his subordinates feel sorry for him.

But they didn't expect that Michelle could be so determined. Was it so difficult to fall in love with someone?

As night fell, Michelle still refused to eat anything. Seeing her like this, Frank made a decision secretly.

He walked to his study and took out his phone. After hesitating for a while, he finally dialed the number.

"Walter, take care of the baby. I have to answer the phone."

While speaking, Emily went to her room. She looked at the phone number on the screen and pressed the answer button.


The number was strange, but it was the region number of A City.

"Is it Miss. Emily? Please

ing about the child. But at that time, she didn't want a child.

It was a pity to think about it now.

Noticing her abnormality, Emily patted Michelle on the shoulder to comfort her.

This time, Michelle came back for Scott, but Emily didn't have the heart to tell her that Scott had lost his memory.

At lunch time, the whole family went to a restaurant outside. The little boy jumped up and down on the sofa, not wanting to be quiet for even a minute.

Michelle really loved this little guy.

"Kevin, come here and let me hug you." Michelle still remembered the agreement she made with Emily, so she was now the Godmother of Kevin.

The little boy was not afraid of strangers. He immediately ran to Michelle, looked up at her, and greeted her sweetly, "Mom..."

"It's Godmother."

Michelle held the little boy in her arms and added.

The little boy just grinned as if he liked Michelle very much.

Such a loving scene made the people sitting next to her feel sorry for her.

If it wasn't for misunderstanding, Michelle and Scott also had their own child, so they wouldn't end up like this.

Thinking of this, Emily couldn't help but sigh. Although she was sighing lightly, Michelle heard her.

"Kevin, it's time for dinner."

Emily asked the little guy to come to her arms and fed him. Walter sat opposite the two of them. He kept picking up food for Michelle, and Michelle just kept thanking him.

"Have we become estranged from each other after two years? Don't forget that we are brother and sister. "

Walter reminded her on purpose, afraid that she would forget. But she seemed to have forgotten it.

Reminded by Walter, Michelle suddenly remembered that they used to be brother and sister.

"Okay, brother, sister-in-law."

In order to ease the atmosphere, Michelle called Emily sister-in-law. Although she couldn't see Emily's face, she knew that Emily blushed.

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