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   Chapter 239 Shocking Fact

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"Are you hungry? I'll ask the servants to cook something for you." Frank knew that Michelle wouldn't go downstairs unless she was hungry or wanted to go out.

Michelle shook her head and said, "It's a little boring to stay at the room, so I come out to breathe some fresh air."

It was true. After all, she couldn't touch anything like computer now. Even if she watched TV, she just listened to the sound. It was really boring.

"Okay, I'll go with you."

Frank kept looking at her, afraid that she would hear what he had said to Zoy. But when he saw the reaction on her face, she didn't seem to hear it. Thinking of this, Frank finally felt relieved.

Zoy was left behind on the sofa and stared at the two. When she saw the blind stick in Michelle's hand, she raised her eyebrows and seemed to understand something at once.

"I didn't expect that his heart for you hasn't changed after so many years. Michelle, Michelle, what's your charm? How could you make Wyn miss you regardless of his children? "

It was not until now that she realized that love was a lifetime. No matter what happened, that person's love would not change.

It was a fact that Wyn didn't love her.

"Frank, in fact, you don't have to accompany me. I can do it myself. I have lived here for two years and I am very familiar with the outside environment. Don't worry about me. Go and accompany your friend. "

Frank kept taking her to the fountain outside the villa. Hearing the sound of water flowing, Michelle stopped and looked up at Frank.

"It's okay. We are just friends. No one is more important than you."

"Frank..." Michelle began to act like a spoiled child. She took the initiative to hold Frank's arm, knowing that it was fatal to Frank.

"Okay, I'll go with her. Take your time here. Don't go too far, okay?" Frank had no choice but to let her stay here alone. After all, there was an iron gate outside the villa, and he believed that she could not get out.

But there was a swimming pool in the backyard. He was worried that Michelle might accidentally walk there.

"Send the guest out." Frank said coldly to the servants as soon as he stepped into the villa.

Hearing that Frank was going to drive her away, Zoy's beautiful face turned a little pale. "Frank, aren't you afraid that I will tell her everything about you?"

"If you dared to say it, I would kill you. Send the guest out! "

Frowning, Frank yelled at the servant and went upstairs.

"Miss, please."

"No, thanks. I can walk myself." Knowing that the host didn't welcome her, Zoy decided to leave. But she hoped that he wouldn't regret it in the future.

When she went out, she happened to see Michelle standing under the fountain. She walked over with a frivolous smile.

With a crack, the blind stick in Michelle's hand fell

rank's pupils dilated in an instant, and he looked at the person in front of him in astonishment.

It turned out that she had heard everything. But he still comforted himself in his heart that it was fine. Now it seemed that he was really a fool.

"Killing me, like killing my mother." Michelle said calmly with tears in her eyes.

At this time, Michelle seemed to have really given up everything. She was not afraid of death at all.


Frank called her name painfully, but was stopped by her. "Don't call me Michelle. You don't deserve it. I feel disgusted!"

Michelle didn't intend to leave, because she knew she couldn't escape.

"Michelle, don't do this..." Frank's voice was getting lower and lower, but before he could finish his words, his tall body fell to the ground.

The moment he fell down, the door was pushed open. The servants rushed over and lifted Frank out of the room. Michelle stood still.

At this time, a cold gun was also pointed at her head. Michelle didn't know who it was, but she was not afraid at all.

"If it weren't for the fact that you are our boss's woman, I would have shot you."

The man hesitated for a long time, but didn't do anything. He was afraid that Frank would blame him.

After they left, Michelle stood still and smiled bitterly. She found that she really had no right to be killed.

She sat on the ground dejectedly, and the smell of blood in her hands seemed to be thick. She had done the same before. Today, she treated different people in the same way. But this time, she stabbed the knife into Frank's chest, which was a fatal place.

It took her a lot of efforts to find this position, but she did not expect that she failed.

But compared with Frank, Michelle was not worth mentioning, because Frank was a ruthless demon. She hated him, but at the same time, she hated herself more.

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