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   Chapter 237 Won't Your Heart Ache

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"Try it on. I want to see you wear it."

When Michelle was distracted, she heard Frank's voice again. She looked at the source of the voice and nodded.

Led by the shop assistant, Michelle came to the fitting room. She closed the door curtain and began to change.

Waiting outside, Frank felt that time passed so slowly, as if every second was passing slowly.

Coming out of the fitting room, Michelle tidied up the hemline of her dress. It seemed to be the most popular fishtail skirt this year. It was comfortable to wear, but the hemline of the dress behind was a little heavy, so it was a little difficult to walk.

But she was just exaggerating.

"It's very beautiful. Don't change it. Just wear it and go." Frank stepped forward and tucked her messy hair behind her ears. At that moment, Michelle felt her whole body stunned.

This action had been so familiar to her before.

When Michelle was lost in thought again, Frank had paid the bill and walked out hand in hand with her. Michelle still had a blind stick in her hand, but she felt much more relieved with him by her side.

Just as the two of them walked out of the shop, Michelle suddenly heard a familiar voice. "Kevin is hungry. How about we go to the food city on the six floor directly?"

Michelle was stunned. She looked up at the source of the voice and wanted to see who it was. But everything in front of her was black except for the darkness.

Frank noticed her difference and looked in the direction she turned around. Not far away, a man and a woman were about to take the elevator, and the man standing behind the two was none other than Scott.

Frank looked at the couple in front of Scott. Emily was holding a crying little boy in her arms, looking very obedient.

Maybe it was because they had a tacit understanding, Scott looked up at the place where the two of them were.

When he looked at Michelle and Frank hand in hand, he felt that his heart was really going to explode. He pushed away the person in front of him and rushed up in a hurry, rushing to the two of them stand.

Finally, he met two people at the corner of the mall.

Scott grabbed Michelle's hand with great strength, which made Michelle feel a little pain. She struggled to get out of his arms, but Scott didn't want to let her go.

"Sir, what do you mean by grabbing my girlfriend?" Frank walked over impolitely and blocked Michelle behind him. He stared at the man in front of him with arrogance and unrestrained in his eyes.

"Your girlfriend?" Scott stared at the man in front of him with his eyes wide open.

Emily and Walter also rushed over at this time. They didn't want to get close to such a stalemate.

When Emily saw the woman behind Frank, she rushed over with the baby in her arms and said, "Michelle."

She knew

n't even expect that her Michelle would fall in love with someone so soon. But everyone should know that one side of love will be hurt in the end.

Scott smashed his fist on the table, and tears fell quietly, which made everyone present feel sorry for him.

"Scott..." Emily couldn't help shouting at him.

Sitting in the car, Michelle turned her head aside because she didn't want Frank to see her sad face.

Looking at her sobbing shoulder, Frank knew that she was really hurt. He didn't say anything all the way, just accompanying her quietly.

When they arrived at the villa, Michelle fell asleep because of sadness. She was really tired.

For a moment, she really hoped that when she woke up, she could see that everything had returned to its original position. She was still the president's secretary of the Jiang Group, but she liked Scott very much.

Isn't this life wonderful?

Frank carried her upstairs and put her on the bed. She hadn't had a good rest these days. As a man, Frank could feel the missing in her heart. But unfortunately, the person she missed was not him.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Frank gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. His heart was empty, as if his heart was suddenly hollowed out.

He looked at her and smiled, "you are mine. No one can take you away from me."

In the hotel, Scott didn't eat anything for the whole day. The door was locked, making it impossible for Emily and Walter to enter.

They didn't know what Scott was doing inside, but they didn't think it was a good thing.

"Well, let him be alone for a while."

Emily persuaded Walter. She knew that everyone was in a bad mood.

The two of them left here and went back to their own room. Emily and Walter hadn't held a wedding yet, but Walter had proposed to Emily.

It had been two years. Something had changed so quickly.

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