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   Chapter 229 Someone Is Coming To Make Trouble

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10026

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The bright light shone on him. Scott looked at the room sadly. He still remembered that it was their wedding room.

It had been two years since he moved out from here. He was afraid that he would think of her, because there was her breath and their memories here.

Today, he didn't know what was wrong with him. He just drove to this place.

There was no breath of people in the house, and the original excitement was gone. The whole house was deathly quiet.

"Michelle, are you coming back?"

Walking to the bedside, Scott looked at the light purple bed sheet and couldn't help feeling sad.

This was Michelle's favorite color.

He kept everything Michelle liked and disliked in mind. He moved out of the house because he was afraid that he would miss her. But he didn't expect that he would dream of her every night.

"Michelle, I went to see mother today. Don't worry. She is fine. "

Scott looked at the photo on the bedside table. It was a group photo of them. In order not to miss her, he did not take away everything in the house.

He stood up and walked to the wide French window. He opened the closed French window, letting the cold wind and rain hit him, quietly looking into the distance.

In the past, he had never known why Michelle always liked to stand here and watch the scenery outside the window. But now, he finally understood. When people looked at the scenery from the same angle with different mood, what they saw would be different.

"Miss. Michelle, there is a dinner party in our school today. Remember not to leave after school."

In the corridor, Michelle was walking towards the classroom with a book in her arms. Suddenly, she heard the voice of her colleague. She smiled at the colleague and nodded. She couldn't refuse such a dinner.

Generally speaking, such kind of dinner was prepared by the school leaders. It was already a good thing that Michelle could teach in this school. Therefore, the headmaster of the school had helped her, and she should appreciate it.

The school was over very early today because it was Friday. Before that, Michelle called Frank and asked him to pick her up later today. She would tell him the specific location later. Now, she didn't know where they were going.

All the teachers in the school were nice to her. They knew that she couldn't see, so they took good care of her on the way.

The car finally stopped in front of a restaurant. A group of people got out of the car, and a female teacher supported Michelle to follow the group.

"Thank you." Michelle said friendly.

Then she sat on the chair. When ordering, her colleagues also asked her what she liked to eat. Michelle was afraid that it would be troublesome to read the menu, so she asked them to order.

"I'm not a picky eater. You can order." She said.

During the dinner, Michelle's colleague kept putting food into her bowl and she thanked her. It was really troublesome for others to go out for a meal. If she had k

ot good, so you are not good."

"Well, do you know who is his first teacher? Do you know if your child has been taught well by his first teacher? " Michelle continued with a smile.

In fact, facing such parents was just like dealing with troublesome clients in the company. She had seen a lot of such things. They had the same concept, but they were different in nature.

As long as it was settled in another way, everyone would be relieved.

"I just want to know why you are not satisfied with me. Please tell me and I can change it." Seeing that the woman didn't say anything, Michelle added.

"You are blind. I can't stand it." The child's parent was still arrogant. In the end, Michelle had no choice.

"Well, since you can't accept it, I won't stand in your way here." After saying that, Michelle was about to leave without looking back.

The headmaster stood up and stopped her in a hurry, but the parent left with her child. What's more, she even asked several parents to take their children away, and these children were taught by Michelle.

"Mr. principal, I think I'd better leave now." Michelle was still stopped by the principal. She knew that the principal was good to her, but she would leave sooner or later. Michelle was worried that it would bring trouble to the school in the future.

This was a private school, so she didn't have the right to stay here for a long time. She would leave one day.

"Miss. Michelle, we just lost a few students. It's really rare to have a good teacher like you in our school. Please stay here, okay?" The headmaster begged again and again, but it didn't work.

After leaving the school gate, Michelle walked alone on this quiet path. She didn't inform Frank. She wanted to be alone for a while.

A City was only a county level city, but she liked to stay here. At least, she liked the air here. You can meet good people and bad people wherever you go. They will be passers-by in your life, and you can't escape from them.

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