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   Chapter 220 Who Allowed You To Do That

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 10340

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Rubbing her temples, Michelle got out of bed, walked to the window with her bare feet and looked at the scenery outside the community.

One day had passed. Soon, this city would say goodbye to her. Where on earth should she go?

In the living room, Emily anxiously called Scott, but no one answered. She had no choice but to ask Walter for help.

Soon, there was a knock on the door, and Walter appeared.

"How is it?"

"Michelle has been in a bad condition since she received that strange call." Emily also frowned.

Michelle had been alone in the room for a day and a night. If she didn't eat or drink anything, her health would collapse sooner or later.

"Have you informed Auntie?" Walter continued to ask.

"No, I'm afraid she'll be worried." Emily didn't want to disturb Olivia considering her health.

"Do you have a spare key?" Walter had no choice but to do so. He wanted to open the door and see what was wrong with Michelle.

Emily nodded and went back to her bedroom. When she came out, she had a key in her hand.

Walter took the key and opened the door, only to find that Michelle was standing alone in front of the window. At that moment, he saw helplessness and sadness on her.

"Michelle." He walked over and shouted, but he didn't dare to get too close, fearing that Michelle would open the window and jump down.

"Don't come over. Leave me alone."

Finally, Michelle turned her head around. Her face was so pale that it was frightening.

Realizing that something was wrong, Walter asked again, "what happened? Can you tell us?"

"If you are worried about Scott's company, you can rest assured that all the stocks lost by the company have been taken back. He has got the rest of the shares. " Emily comforted. She just hoped that Michelle could cheer up again.

Hearing the news, Michelle was slightly stunned, but she didn't say much.

Emily and Walter looked at each other and then slowly approached.

Michelle stood still and looked out of the window.

"Michelle, what are you worried about?"

Emily walked over and looked into the distance with her. Except for the tall building, there was only wide road left. It seemed that there was nothing to look at.

"Emily, let's go out for dinner later. I suddenly want to eat at the snack stands outside."

Suddenly, Michelle turned around and smiled at Emily and Walter.


Hearing that she was going out for dinner, Emily and Walter smiled at each other.

"Then you go to wash yourself first. We'll go out later."

After saying that, Emily and Walter walked out of the room. Five minutes later, Michelle changed her clothes and came out. She went to the bathroom to wash up, and then she went out together with others.

It was bright outside. Michelle followed the two and looked out of the window all the way without saying a word.

When the car arrived at a small restaurant, Walter opened the door. He let Emily get off the car first and then opened the back door.

At this time, Michelle was obviously still in a daze, not noticing that the

thought it was reasonable. However, there was no one in the world who looked so similar. It could be said that they were twins.

On the contrary, when Zoy came to the Jiang family's house, she only took the DNA test report, without anything else. What was more puzzling was that since Zoy was adopted by a welfare house, generally speaking, there would be photos or something like that in the welfare house. Although it was a group photo, there must be some.

Yes, welfare house!

He believed that the answer was there, but Scott didn't want to continue the investigation. He felt that maintaining the current situation was the best.

Seeing that he was deep in thought, Olivia couldn't help asking, "what happened, Scott? Why do you look pale?"

"Oh, nothing. Maybe I was absent-minded because I saw Michelle's pictures when she was a child." Scott said something with the photo of Michelle when she was a child, but at the same time, he was struggling in his heart.

"James, go and check the love welfare institution for me. I'll give you two days to investigate what happened to Zoy."

Hanging up the phone, Scott only hoped that the answer was not what he thought, otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable all his life.

"Did you do it? Huh? "

One day, Wyn's car stopped in the yard of the villa like the wind. He got off the car and went directly to the two floors.

However, at this time, Zoy was quietly sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

He walked over and pinched her chin to force her to look at him. Wyn looked down at her. At this moment, he really wanted to kill her.

Anyway, she was abroad. If she disappeared for no reason, Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu wouldn't know.

After all, this place was in such a mess, and missing people were already a common occurrence.

But Zoy started at him angrily and didn't say anything.

At this moment, Wyn was more sure of what he was thinking.

"Who allowed you to do that? Don't you know that it will kill her! " Wyn got rid of her angrily. He roared and took a few steps back.

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