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   Chapter 213 The Wedding Without Groom

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9715

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"Michelle, no matter what happens in the future, please believe my love for you."

Listening to his mellow voice and feeling the warmth from his burly body, Michelle fell into his arms. With happy tears in her eyes, Scott wiped the tears on her face lovingly and said, "don't cry, or you will be not beautiful."

Michelle didn't say anything but nodded at him.

The guests were men in black suits and women in various dresses. The hall was surrounded by hundreds of security guards, firmly blocking the media reporters outside. Everyone entered with the invitation card of Jiang family, otherwise no matter who it was, they would be stopped.

All the staff walked as fast as flying, quickly and nervously checking every arrangement, and even checking the freshness of all flowers.

"Mom, I'm so nervous."

In the lounge, Michelle held Olivia's hand. At this moment, she was nervous.

Don't be nervous. Every woman will experience this kind of thing." Olivia carefully covered the white veil on her daughter's head and smiled at Michelle's nervous look.

"Were you so nervous when you married my father?" Michelle continued to ask.

Get married?

In that era, there was no such a good condition.

Scott stood outside the door happily. He wanted to see her as soon as possible, but because of the rules of the wedding, he was driven away by Emily.

"Go ahead. You'll see each other soon. Don't be hurry!"

Emily said. Emily didn't return to the room until Scott disappeared at the end of the corridor.

The wedding was about to begin in half an hour. Michelle was still in a state of excitement and nervousness.

When he walked out of the lounge, Scott's phone rang.

"Mr. Scott, something happened!" The assistant said anxiously.

Scott frowned and asked in a low voice, "what's wrong? What happened? "

"The stock of the Jiang Group has dropped significantly!" The assistant said with worry fluently.

Scott's face turned gloomy. He hung up the phone and hurried out.

Why did it happen at this time?

It seemed that someone must have done it on purpose, but who dared to move the shares of the Jiang group?

The wedding march resounded in everyone's ears. Michelle, in a white wedding dress, held Olivia's hand and entered the wedding hall in front of everyone's envious eyes. The bright red carpet led all the way to the holy statue of God. The loving priest smiled, holding the cross necklace in his hand and nodding slightly.

The two rows of people were both wearing neat and luxurious dresses, and they sat on the chairs with admiration.

She was so beautiful. The moment the door was opened, the bright sunshine seemed to add a pair of charming wings to her. Her fair skin and slightly red cheeks were like fresh apples, green and full of charm.

"Where is the bridegroom?"

When they walked to the priest, Scott did not appear. At thi

company, Jiang Group in C City.

At the same time, the photos of Michelle and Scott also flew around the world, and the appearance of Michelle was exposed in front of everyone.

In a short while, someone posted all the information about Michelle on the Internet.

At the same time, the negative news that the president's wife of the Jiang Group was dumped also came.

As soon as they got off the plane, Michelle was besieged. Fortunately, Jared, Emily, Walter and Olivia were around her. Otherwise, she really didn't know how to get out.

Many unknown people appeared in the Happiness District. The door of Michelle's home was painted red, and the walls were written with all kinds of words to abuse Michelle.

But Scott, Michelle and others didn't know that.

Everything was surging like a tide. In an instant, all the star scandals and private life could no longer attract the public's interest. Everyone's attention was focused on Michelle.

In less than a day, the words "Michelle" were known to all. Even when the reporters were interviewing the passers-by on the street, someone cursed Michelle in front of the camera. It was not a big deal that she got pregnant before marriage, but she still entangled with her ex boyfriend after marriage. What's more, she even hooked up with the cousin of her ex boyfriend's wife. Didn't she want take advantage of Mr. Scott to show off?

No wonder the bridegroom left at the wedding. He must have known that his future wife was dirty and disliked her.

They got out of the car quickly and walked towards floor 23 of the Jiang Group.

In the CEO office.

Scott's resolute face was very calm, without any expression, but it made people feel an unprecedented domineering. He was sitting in his office chair and his fingers were moving quickly on the keyboard.

The stock fell so fast that he couldn't bear it. The white suit made his handsome face a little pale.

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