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   Chapter 208 Bed Game

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Scott was used to drinking coffee while reading documents. Seeing his hard-working, Michelle quietly took the coffee cup and went out.

Someone knocked on the door of the office with appropriate strength.

"Come in." Scott said coldly.

Hearing his rude words, Michelle felt a little uncomfortable and pouted. She pushed the door open and came in, only to see that Scott was looking down at the documents in his hands with a cold face.

"Boss, here is your coffee."

Michelle carefully put the cup of steaming coffee on the desk, but the next second she was held into Scott's arms. Michelle blushed and looked at him shyly.

"This is the company. What are you doing?"

She pushed for a long time, but found that Scott held her more tightly.

"Michelle, can we have a baby?" Looking at Michelle's red face with affectionate eyes, Scott said seriously.

"I don't want to have a baby so early." Michelle told the truth.


She had never thought it, because that experience on TV looked so painful. She was afraid that she would feel uncomfortable after giving birth to the baby.

Scott's face darkened. He looked at Michelle and kissed her on the lips. "If you don't give birth to a baby for me, I'll find someone else to give birth to it for me."

In fact, it was just a joke. How could he say it seriously?

But the result was that Michelle wasn't fooled at all. She even cheered, "Okay, you can find someone else to give birth to a baby for you. I don't want to get old so soon. What if you abandon me? "

Scott didn't know how to response. He had to let her go reluctantly because he still had something to deal with.

After returning to her freedom, Michelle quickly slipped into the inner room. Because of a door, her heart was not so fast.

There was no TV in the room and no WI-FI in the office. Michelle didn't know how she spent the morning.

In the villa, Zoy got up very late today. Recently, she always felt that she couldn't sleep enough.

After washing up, she went downstairs, only to find that there was no food on the table. She could not help frowning and quickly ran downstairs, ignoring her baby in the belly.

"Where is the meal? Why don't you cook for me? "

She rushed into the kitchen and saw people cleaning up the stove and cupboard. Hearing her words, the group of people did not even look at her.

Zoy was so angry that she almost jumped up, but the people in the villa all ignored her existence.

Helplessly, Zoy went upstairs.

"How dare you do this to me! You are really a bunch of dogs who look down upon me!" Sitting on the bed, Zoy complained angrily.

If she could cook, she would never cook by herself, but she couldn't.

Suddenly, the car brake's sound spread from the outside of villa. Confused, Zoy stood up and walked towards the balcony.

She stood outside the balcony


Standing straight by the bed, Wyn loosened his grip on her hair and looked down at her.

"Take off clothes? What do you want to do? " Zoy grabbed her clothes alertly.

"What do you think? We are a couple. What can a couple do tonight? Zoy, don't pretend to be fool with me. " Wyn pinched her face and looked at her with disdain.

"Stop dreaming. I'm pregnant. You're hurting baby by doing this!" Zoy shook off his hand and glared at him angrily.

Now, she was not afraid of anything.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

As soon as Wyn finished his words, Zoy's clothes were torn apart. The clothes drew a perfect arc in the air and then fell to the ground.

In the quilt, Zoy was no longer bossy as before, but Wyn was lying comfortably with a playful smile.

Zoy sat up and swung her fist at Wyn.

For Wyn, women's fists were always powerless.

"Wyn, don't worry. I will make that woman's life a living hell!" Not to be outdone, Zoy glared at Wyn. Holding her hand, Wyn glared at her as well. "Then I'll make you die miserably."

With threat and warning, Zoy didn't care at all. She was pregnant with the child of the Mu family. No matter how powerful Wyn was, he had to let her go.

Punishment was just a game in bed.

In the villa of the Jiang family.

The two people who came back after dinner didn't say much when they heard the news of Zoy's leaving.

Scott had never regarded Zoy as a member of this family. She left just to change the air.

But somehow, Michelle felt something was wrong. She felt bad, as if something big was going to happen.


She looked at Scott who was walking in front of her and couldn't help calling him.

Scott stopped and turned around, with tenderness in his eyes. "Hmm?"

His magnetic voice echoed in Michelle's ears, making her want to cry for no reason. At that moment, she was so worried that she would lose him.

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