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   Chapter 207 Be Perfectly Justifiable

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9574

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Scott enjoyed that day very much, because he hugged another woman to kiss in front of her.

Fantasies were beautiful, but reality was bony.

From that day on, Scott no longer had any fantasy about this so-called first love. But one day, she drugged him and took off her clothes in front of him.

"Bitch! Do you know how ugly you are now? All the women I have outside are as beautiful as flowers. You are just a dying tree! "

His consciousness was very clear, because his thoughts had been blinded by hatred. He hated his first love.

It was she who changed him and ruined their future!

It was all in the past. At first, Scott didn't want to mention it again, but when he saw uncle, he recalled all the past. Fortunately, he met Michelle, the love of his life.

That was really a wonderful feeling.

He never believed in love at first sight, and only had a good impression of Michelle. However, as time went by, he was more sure that Michelle was the one that he was looking for.

Because he saw the shadow of his mother on Michelle.

On the street, the traffic was like a tide, and the colorful neon lights flashed in the sight of Scott.

When he came out of the hospital, it was already dark outside. It was almost winter, so it was very dark now.

Holding the steering wheel with both hands, Scott looked straight ahead with perfect outline and slender eyebrows.

When the car arrived at the gate of the villa, Scott got out of the car. The night wind blew up a corner of his clothes.

"Why is the dinner not ready yet?"

Sitting at the table, Zoy looked at the servants with disdain. She was pregnant, but she had to wait here for so long. It seemed that these people didn't want to live.

The servants came out with hot dishes. Suddenly, a servant slipped and the plate in her hand fell into the arms of Zoy.

All of a sudden, the hot dishes that had just come out of the pot splashed on every part of Zoy's clothes, and her skin began to blister in a few seconds.

The plate fell to the ground, making a loud noise and turning into pieces. Almost all the people in the hall looked at this corner at the same time, including Scott.

Seeing this, the servants were also in a hurry to clean up the mess on the ground.

Standing aside, Zoy covered the back of her red and swollen hand, and her face was pale.

"It hurts. Don't you see? Don't you know I'm pregnant? I'm fine now, but if something bad happened to me, I would make you bury the baby with your heads! "

Zoy shouted at the servant who had made a mistake. She didn't look like a rich lady at all.

Michelle stepped forward and stood in front of the servants who had made mistakes just now. She looked at Zoy calmly and said, "they didn't mean it."

"It's either unintentional, or deliberate." A trace of hatred flashed through Zoy's eyes,

n't believe his eyes.

He walked up quickly, bowed to Scott and greeted him, and then looked at Michelle.

"Michelle, you and the President..."

Michelle looked at the assistant with embarrassment and blushed with her head down.

The assistant looked down and saw the diamond ring on the middle finger of Michelle's left hand. Under the light, it almost lit up people's eyes!

"You are engaged?" The assistant exclaimed.

He hadn't seen Michelle for a long time. This time, he finally met her, but she was engaged to his boss. It was a real blow to him.

Michelle didn't say anything, but Scott turned around and said to his assistant, "we'll get married soon."

They were all familiar on this floor, so they didn't have to be so cautious. What's more, the assistant had been working for Scott for a long time. Even if he didn't make great contribution, he was hard for work. Scott was not the kind of ungrateful person.

"President, can I go to your wedding ceremony then?"

"What do you think?"

There were only several words in Scott's reply, but the assistant was extremely excited. It was such an honor to attend his boss's wedding.

"President, have you arrange the time? Since you have proposed, will it be soon?" The assistant followed Scott again. To be honest, he was looking forward to the wedding.

He believed that he could meet countless celebrities there.

"Don't worry. I'll invite you there. Just wait for the news." Scott said with a smile.

This time, Michelle didn't go to her former Secretary's office, because Scott wanted her to stay in the president's office. Because Scott said that he wanted to see her at any time.

This sentence was full of intimacy.

It seemed that life had become better after getting rid of Zoy. At least Michelle didn't have to bear her bad temper every day, and she didn't have to be full of scheming to deal with Zoy.

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