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   Chapter 201 You Are A Madman!

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9408

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"Michelle was drugged, but I think that the drug must be more than just a narcotic, and it also has the ingredients to confuse people's mind." Although it was just her guess, Emily still expressed her worries.

Hearing this, everyone agreed.

"Why did she do that?" Scott suddenly stood up from the sofa and said through gritted teeth.

Scott's words made everyone be pensive. The police had already been dealing with this matter, and they had to wait for the result.

In the next few days, everyone had a bad time. Michelle's condition didn't get better, but worse. Now she was no different from the previous Ashley.

"What should I do? It's not a good way to go on like this. I think we have to get the antidote. "

"But is there any antidote for it?"

Walter added as soon as Emily finished her words.

Behind them came the sound of Michelle throwing things in the room. The noise was loud, but no one wanted to push the door in.

Everyone was lost in thought. Emily thought that there seemed to be no one in C City who hated Michelle to the core.

Walter thought for a while and said, "Scott, you know who kidnapped Michelle, right?"

These days, Walter had been carefully observing every move of Scott. As a man, he could feel the helplessness in his heart.

Today, he really couldn't stand it anymore. Now, he had to ask Scott to speak out that person!

However, at this moment, Scott hesitated. He lowered his head and didn't say anything, which made Walter more sure of what he was thinking. Seeing this, Emily directly asked, "Scott, that person has caused Michelle to suffer like this. Can you really bear to see her continue to suffer?"

A hint of helplessness flashed through Scott's eyes. He said seriously, "this is my business. I will deal with it. Michelle needs someone to take care of her these days. I have to stay with her. I will deal with it when she gets better. "

For a moment, it was really difficult for Scott to deal with the chief culprit. If he did, his father would be the one who would be sad in the end. But since she had made such a big mistake, he couldn't just let her go. Otherwise, it would be too late when the thing couldn't be inversed.

Seeing that Scott was unwilling to tell her the truth, Emily knew something from it and stopped asking.

"I will never let go of those who hurt Michelle." As she spoke, a hint of hatred flashed through Emily's eyes.

"Emily, calm down. No one can hurt Michelle in the future." Walter turned his head and looked at the angry Emily. At that moment, he had an impulse to hold her in his arms.

"Mr. Scott, Mrs. Michelle vomited!"

A servant's voice came from behind, and they rushed to Michelle's room in a hurry. Now, Michelle was vomiting in the trash can. Suddenly, a strong smell of blood

s son and gasped angrily.

"Why did you hit son? It's not our son's fault to have daughter-in-law like this. " Seeing her son beaten, Mrs. Mu hurried to protect him.

How could she bear that her son was beaten?

Wyn didn't say anything because he was used to it. Mr. Mu had slapped him a lot since he was a child. To be honest, he didn't know what to say now.

"You are going to be a father, but you still hook up with women outside. Don't think I don't know that you have become like Scott of the Jiang Group now! You are all fickle and ungrateful! " Mr. Mu's face turned purplish red with anger.

How could he have such an unfilial son?

Where was the obedient Wyn now? He didn't like his son in front of him. He even hated and felt ashamed!

Wyn was stunned and looked at his father in disbelief. He thought he had misheard, so he repeated, "Dad, what did you say just now?"

"Wyn, Zoy was pregnant. You're going to be a father."

It was Mrs. Mu who spoke. It could be seen how happy she was. That was to say, they could finally have a grandson and enjoy their old age, and there would be no regret in their lives.

Wyn froze in place with a cold face. There was no surprise in his dark eyes.

Zoy was pregnant and he was going to be a father. But why couldn't he be happy at all? There was a faint anger floating in his chest.

He had only touched her once. Why was she pregnant?

"Mom, did you make a mistake?"

"Don't worry. It won't be wrong." Facing her son's question, Mrs. Mu thought he was too excited to hear it clearly and wanted to confirm it again. She comforted her son and said word by word.

Wyn staggered two steps and fell on the bench, with his head in his hands lowly. As a result, Mrs. Mu and Mr. Mu couldn't see his expression at the moment, but it was not difficult to guess that he was in a bad mood at the moment.

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