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   Chapter 196 Friendship Ended

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9770

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"Who told you to stay here? Didn't I tell you to leave? Go away. I don't want to see you! "

Suddenly, Emily rushed out of the room and shouted at Michelle.


"Go away!"

Michelle was about to say something, but was stopped by Emily seriously. She lowered her head and walked out powerlessly.

'Emily doesn't want to see me now, does she?

After leaving the community, Michelle took a taxi home. She went back to her room, lay prone on the bed and burst into tears. She really didn't expect the consequences of this matter. In order not to make Emily sad, she had never told Emily about Walter's opinion.

But she didn't expect that Walter would talk to Emily in person.

"Michelle, are you okay? What? What happened? "

When Scott arrived home, he found that there was no food on the table, so he rushed into the bedroom subconsciously. But he saw Michelle lying on the bed motionlessly.

He sat on the edge of the bed, put his hand on her shoulder and asked anxiously.

But Michelle didn't seem to hear him. She sat there in a daze, as if she had separated from the reality.

"Michelle, wake up!"

Scott shook her body and forced her to wake up.

"Scott Emily hated me and ignored me. "

Finally, Michelle hugged him and complained tearfully. It was not until then that Scott realized that she was upset about this matter.

"Don't worry. She will understand you."

Said Scott in a gentle tone, patting Michelle on the back.

It took a long time for Michelle to calm down, but she was crying all the time, which made Scott's heart ache.

"If you cry too much, your eyes will hurt. Honey, let's go out for dinner, okay?"

"I don't want to eat." Now, she had no appetite at all.

Looking at her, Scott kissed her forehead and said, "be good."

Almost dragged out by Scott, the two sat in a restaurant near the community. Michelle looked at the table in front of her in a daze. For her, friendship was even more important than love.

She admitted that it was her fault, but she did it all for the sake of Emily. But she had never thought that Walter would be such a cruel person.

After this incident, Michelle swore that she would never have any connection with Walter again, unless he was willing to admit his mistake!

"Since it's a misunderstanding, it will be solved in the future."

Scott looked at her worriedly. Michelle had been sitting here for a long time and didn't want to eat anything, so he comforted her again.

"Okay." Finally, Michelle was persuaded by him. She picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and put it into her mouth to chew. However, no matter how expensive and beautiful these dishes were, they still didn't taste good.

The night fell.

Michelle sat in the living room watching TV, but her mind had already run away with the air. Scott held her in his arms and felt her body cold. At that moment, he felt extrem

ould not choose Emily. He didn't like her and he couldn't see the beauty from Emily.

"Walter, you can be irresponsible for Emily, but they broke up because of you. Do you really want to see Michelle cry at home? " Scott was a little anxious. He grabbed Walter's collar and pulled him hard.

Hearing Michelle crying at home, Walter also felt bad. But love couldn't be forced. How could he face Emily?

"You say it. What do you want her to do? What do you want Emily to do? " Seeing that Walter didn't say anything, Scott couldn't help but roar again.

He admitted that his attitude was a little bad now, but he was forced to do so by Walter. Now, the only person who could resolve the grudge between the two sisters was him.

"I..." At this moment, Walter hesitated.

He lowered his head and didn't say anything, which made Scott anxious.

In the dark night, Michelle turned over with tears in her eyes.

Without turning on the light, Scott walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the sleeping woman. He gently tucked her messy hair behind her ears, bent over and gently kissed her on the lips.

"Michelle, I will love you forever."

On the second day, Michelle got up early. She looked at the empty seat beside her and frowned.

When she went out, she heard the sound from the kitchen. She thought it was her mother. But when she walked outside, she found that it was Scott who was cooking there seriously.

"Go wash your face. It will be ready soon. Sit at the table and wait for me."

When he saw her, Scott felt stressful. He didn't like to be watched when he was cooking, which would make him a little flustered. After all, he was not a real cook.

After coming out of the bathroom, Michelle sat in front of the table, on which there was only a plate of fried eggs with tomatoes. She turned her head to look at the people in the kitchen and saw that Scott was getting noodles from the pot.

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