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   Chapter 193 Collusion

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There seemed to be a strong smell of alcohol in the hall, which made Emily feel uncomfortable all over her body.

Michelle held her and said, "you can go back to your room first. I'm here. He won't catch up with you."

Was that man Emily's so-called fiance?

He looked dignified, with golden hair and snow-white skin. He was like a prince in fairy tales.

"Pull him out!" It was Emily's father who spoke. He stood in front of the sofa on the first floor and stared at the drunk handsome man.

If Emily hadn't told her about this man's character, Michelle would have been misled by his appearance. She didn't expect him to be such a bad man with such a good-looking face.

Michelle didn't have the right to speak in this family, but for the sake of Emily, she had to stand out.

The man was so strong that several persons in the house, constituted of women, couldn't push him out.

Michelle stood at the stairs and looked down at the man in the hall. However, when the other party also saw her, an evil smile immediately appeared at the corners of his mouth.

He pushed the crowd away and was about to go upstairs, but Michelle was not afraid at all.

"What a rare beauty! Why don't you come with me tonight?"

This man was begging for Emily's forgiveness just now, but now he began to tease Michelle. It was really "admirable".

"Fuck off!"

When Michelle was about to run away, Emily came out with a kitchen knife. It turned out that she went back to her room to look for this. No wonder she was so obedient.

But now she was pointing a kitchen knife at her fiance. Wasn't it too exaggerated?

"Humph! I thought you were my fiancee. It happens that you owe me a happy time last time. Give it back to me this time. " The man seemed to be more interested in Emily. After all, she was his fiancee. It was fair to tease her.

"Fuck off!" While speaking, Emily had blocked Michelle behind her. With a kitchen knife in her hand, she looked at the drunken man in a totally disrespectful manner.

Judging from the expression on her face, how much she hated this man.

Almost at the same time, a group of men in black rushed in and directly carried the drunk man out.

"How dare you come to my house to make trouble after drinking? You don't want to live anymore!"

Emily's father followed them out. The gate of the villa was open, and people in the room could clearly see the outside.

Emily's father slapped the drunken man on the face, and then asked the men in black to drag him into the car and left.

This matter should be over now.

Emily hoped that the her family and the man's family would not have any connection in the future. She couldn't stand this kind of man.

Michelle knew her best friend very well. If Emily hadn't hated him so much, she wouldn't have behaved like today.

After everything calmed down, Emily's mother went upstairs and said, "come with me."

Michelle and Emily looked at each other and followed Emily's mother to Emily's room. The bedroom door was closed. Emily's mother said to Michel

ly was worth to suspicious. She almost forgot that there was a connection between the two.

"Well, as your only best friend, I did this for your own good." Sure enough, Emily acquiesced.

The car stopped in front of Emily's new house. It was a community, and it was the residence of the Jiang Group. Michelle rolled her eyes at Emily again. Obviously, Emily did it on purpose.

Michelle and Scott had visited this area before, but she didn't expect that it would be built so soon.

"You're welcome. Welcome to my new home. It's getting late. You two can stay here tonight. "

Emily warmly welcomed the two, but there were only two bedrooms in the house, and Emily and Michelle each had one. Then, Scott had to sleep in the living room.

"You have been together for a long time. Why are you so restrained?" With that, Emily pushed Scott and Michelle towards the largest bedroom. After pushing the two into the bedroom, she closed the door.

In the room, Michelle stood there straight. She didn't look at the man beside her.

"To be honest, did you collude with each other?" She walked over, pulled open the curtain of the French window, went outside, leaned on the railing and looked at the scenery in the distance.

She liked this feeling very much, as if all the dissatisfaction in her heart had gone with the wind.

"Honey, are you getting better after being angry for a few days? We have been together for such a long time. Don't you know what I have done? " Scott held her from behind and knocked his chin on her shoulder.

At this time, he just held her in his arms intimately, regardless of whether there was anyone outside, begging for her forgiveness.

In fact, he was right. Only they themselves knew what had happened between them, and no one else could see it. Perhaps, the most beautiful thing is not to keep the time, but to keep the memory. Just like the feeling of the first acquaintance, even a casual smile is the story we miss most. Hope that time would come back as soon as they met at the first sight.

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