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   Chapter 187 Help!

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After getting washed, Scott couldn't wait taking her to try on wedding dress given that it was weekend and he was so eager.

Sitting in the car, Michelle looked out of the window without turning her head to look at him.

She hadn't told her mother about such an important matter, but she believed that her mother would agree.

The thought of getting married made her laugh.

When Scott glanced at her, she held back her smile immediately. But her appearance was more pleasing.

The car stopped in front of a wedding dress shop, and the splendid store made people's heart beat faster. After that, Michelle didn't get off until Scott opened the door.

Really? Get married in this way?

Things went on so smoothly that they seemed to be a little different from what she had imagined. But love is consensually the thing. The so-called difficulties only base on the two of them.

Stepping into the wedding dress shop, she found the light was splendid and dazzling. A huge heart-shaped crystal chandelier hung in the center of the hall, highlighting the luxury and extravagance.

"This way, please."

The waiter soon came up to them. It was obvious that they didn't know the identity of Scott, or they would be frightened.

Michelle and Scott looked at each other, Michelle felt a little nervous.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here." Scott held her hand and followed the waiter.

"Sir, what kind of wedding dress would you like?" When the group of people came into the room which was filled with clothes, Michelle was almost stunned by these clothes.

Why did she try on the wedding dress?

But according to the layout of this shop, the wedding dresses here must be more expensive than those in the ordinary store.

"Pick one for this lady." Scott loosened Michelle's and sat on the sofa.

The waitress looked at her up and down, walked to the back of the cabinet and took out a snow-white wedding dress. She first showed it to Scott and got his approval before she gave it to Michelle.

"Michelle, please give it a try,"

Scott couldn't help urging her when he saw Michelle holding the wedding dress and staring at it.

The fitting room's door was opened slowly. He saw her white feet like jade. With a pair of high-heeled crystal shoes, her feet reflected a little white light, which was amazing.

Even the air seemed to be frozen, and time also stopped at the moment. In the silent space, there was only an elegant and dignified figure slowly walked to the sofa.

Her shoulders were half bared, and the graceful curve of the arc showed off her slender waist. The music in the shop seemed to welcome her arrival.

Scott stood up from the sofa subconsciously, he looked at the woman in front of him and finally smiled with satisfaction.

"What's wrong? Don't I look good in this dress? " Seeing his reaction, Michelle seemed to be a little self-abased. The waist of the wedding dress was designed to be very slim, which almost made her o

fastened the safety belt for her, he saw that she didn't speak, and a snicker appeared on his lips. He immediately got close to her and kissed her red lips.

He kissed her softly. Until both of them were out of breath, Scott looked at her affectionately. "Honey, you look so beautiful in your wedding dress today, which makes me intoxicated. I regret that I didn't know you until now. "

'Is this a confession of love?' How affectionate he was! Now that she couldn't help blushing.

"Scott, let's get some fresh air by the river."


Scott didn't like to go to the river to breathe fresh air, but she did.

"Scott, I'm thirsty. Can you buy me some drinks? I want to drink milk tea. "

There were many people walking by the river. Since it was late autumn now, the weather was neither hot nor cold.

"Okay, sit here and wait for me."

Michelle nodded at him.

The wind by the river was very cool. Sitting on the chair, Michelle looked at where Scott was leaving from time to time, but she didn't see him.

Ten minutes had passed. She was a little impatient.

"Maybe he doesn't know how to buy it?"

Scott had never bought any food from roadside stands before, which reminded Michelle. She stood up and walked in the direction he left.

Walking, she felt that there were fewer and fewer people around her. It was not until at last that she found herself walking to the edge of the river.

When she was about to turn around and go back, her body was given a hard push!

"Ah!" Before she screamed, she only felt that the water rushed into her nose and made her difficult to breathe. She struggled in the river, constantly calling for help. But nobody came near.

"Help Help... "

It happened all of a sudden. Michelle was pushed into the river before she came to herself. Who on earth was?

Was someone intentional?

Her mind went blank. Michelle wanted to run away from this horrible place.

She couldn't reach the ground. She was afraid

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