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   Chapter 180 Inevitable Hardship

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Scott left here with Michelle in his arms. He swore that he would never see Zoy again.

Even though Wyn and Zoy were in a conflict, Michelle shouldn't be involved with them.

Scott wouldn't tell anyone about this.

He didn't like this woman since Zoy entered Jiang family, so he always ignored her. But Zoy liked badgering him.

Although it was very annoying, as her cousin, Scott could not say anything. He knew that Zoy must feel insecure because she had gone through a lot of hardship and grown up in an orphanage.

All in all, if she wasn't his cousin, Scott wouldn't be so kind on her. This kind of woman was jealous.

In the car, Michelle looked at Scott without a word. Perhaps she was in a panic after going through such thing.

On the other hand, Michelle was also mad at Zoy.

She grew up with Zoy and they were good friends. At that time, they were so naive and there was no secret between them. Though Zoy grew up in an orphanage, she still liked to communicate with others.

Michelle still remembered when they met for the first time, Zoy greeted everyone but no one paid attention to Zoy.

At that time, she felt sympathy with Zoy and wanted to make friends with Zoy. In kindergarten, primary school and middle school, Zoy was rejected by everyone because she was from the orphanage. Everyone felt that she was a bad person.

Michelle thought that their friendship would be very firm, but she didn't expect it to dissipate so soon.

Scott drove the car wildly. When they returned to the villa, he got off the car and opened the door for Michelle. Obviously, he wasn't mad at her.

But the coldness on his face made her scared.

It was dark outside. Michelle was dragged back to the room by Scott. However, at the moment when the door was closed, the tall figure of Scott pressed down.

He kissed her tenderly. With her arms around his waist, Michelle could feel his body was trembling.

He was afraid.

Love was not guilty, and Zoy did such an impulsive thing all because she loved Wyn.

After a long kiss, Michelle put her hand on the chest of Scott and looked into his eyes. "Scott, I think you should have a talk with Wyn and Zoy. I think that something happened between them. "

"This has nothing to do with us. It's their own business. " Scott didn't want to get involved in other people's family affairs, even though it was his cousin.

He only cared about the woman he loved.

"The Mu family can't threaten the Jiang Group. It is just nothing for Jiang Group. It doesn't matter whether it is invisible or not. "

That was true. Scott didn't care about the Mu Group at all.

Besides, Wyn would not attack him. Otherwise, he wouldn't stand up when Michelle was hurt. In fact, this kind of man was very

am I so impulsive. Men are supposed to take the initiative to do such a thing. '

No matter how much she thought about it, what she had said was like water that had been poured out. It was rare for her to see Scott so happy, so Michelle had to let him be.

After breakfast, there was the laughter of Jared outside the villa.

Michelle and Scott, who were watching TV in the living room, looked at each other and seemed to ask what had happened.

Michelle was so familiar with that laughter. However, she didn't expect that her future father-in-law would come so suddenly.

"Don't be nervous. You have seen my father before. You are not as brave as before."

Scott held her hand and was ready to go out, but Michelle wanted to run away.

But it was too late for her to escape. When Jared walked in from the door and saw the two people in the living room, he rushed over.

"Father." Scott shouted.

"Uncle Jared,"

Michelle was still not used to that address, so she called him that way before she got married.

"Honey, why do you still call me uncle? You should call me dad," Jared stared at Michelle, while she felt very uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Scott smiled sheepishly like a child.

"Uncle, I'm Not yet... "

Michelle was so nervous that she stared at Jared and stammered, unable to say something for a long time.

"Dad, I haven't proposed to her yet. Perhaps she cares about this a lot."

Scott looked at Michelle and found that she was blushing. As her husband, he stood out to explain.

"Really? I see? Why don't you propose to her? " Looking at the new couple standing in front of him, Jared liked them very much.

The most regretful thing in his life was that he could not be with Olivia. But his son could be with her daughter. He was already satisfied.

Love is like an inevitable tribulation.

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