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   Chapter 179 Inexplicable Panic

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Scott's eyes widened as he stared at her in disbelief.

"What did you say?"

He turned his face to one side and put his ear close to Michelle in order to hear more clearly.

Michelle knew that he was deliberate. She did not cooperate with him. She lowered her head and began to eat.

After the dinner, Michelle went to the washroom while Scott was waiting outside the restaurant. As time passed, Scott got a little impatient. He took out his phone to call Michelle.

"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is power off."

A sweet, soft voice dragged Scott to the bottom of the valley. His heart was inexplicably panicked. He pushed the door open and rushed into the bathroom.

He rushed into the lady's room without hesitation and shouted inside, "Michelle!"

"Ah! You shameless bastard! "

When someone came out and saw the man outside, they were all frightened. But when she saw his face, she was glad to meet such a handsome scoundrel.

"Where are we going?"

Michelle walked out through the back door of the restaurant. Looking at the woman in front of her, she asked in confusion.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she was dragged out by this woman, and was even not allowed to talk.

Almost Michelle was pushed into the car, whereas Zoy sat beside her. The car was big enough to accommodate eight people.

The light in the car was so dim that Michelle could not figure out direction. She touched the door subconsciously, but it was locked by the driver.

"Zoy, Where are you taking me?" In a panic, Michelle turned her eyes to the woman sitting next to her. Michelle could still see a grim face of Zoy close to her at the dimming light.

At this moment, Zoy was a formidable woman.

The car stopped in front of the villa. The door was opened and Michelle was pulled out again. She staggered and almost fell down, although she wore flats!

Standing behind her, Zoy didn't stop the men in black who led the way.

At this time, Michelle looked a little bit discomfited. She followed behind that man, struggling several times, but to no avail.

The gate of the villa was open. As soon as she stepped into the hall, all the servants looked at her. Then Michelle was dragged upstairs and thrown into a cold guest room.

Was it a kidnap?

She raised her head and looked in astonishment at the woman coming in.

"Zoy, What do you mean?"

"I just invited you to be my guest." Zoy then sat down on the chair opposite her, and said it casually.

be a guest?

Who invited others by this way? It was obviously a kidnap. Otherwise, why are these men still surrounding her?

Obviously, they were worried that she would take the opportunity to escape.

Michelle still couldn't believe Zoy standing in front of her was real Zoy?

ests of her family. She was the benefactor of the Jiang family.

"Don't make things too simple." And Wyn didn't forget to add.

In fact, he had already called Scott when he came back. Scott should be on the way now. He wanted to let Scott see what his sister had done.

Just wait and see. A good show is coming soon.

"You made me do this, Wyn!" Zoy rushed to Michelle angrily and seized her neck tightly in front of Wyn.

"You are crazy!"

Wyn didn't expect that either, but Zoy never told him what she wanted.

As soon as he was about to walk up to her, he felt a gust of wind blowing past him. He turned around and saw that Scott had stood on the edge of the bed without being noticed.


When Zoy saw Scott, she was not so strong as before. Michelle saw Scott, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

She got up and rushed at him.

Frightened, Zoy stepped back. She turned to look at Wyn. She knew it was him.

Scott held the girl in his arms, only to find her face pale. It broke his heart.

Scott looked up at Zoy angrily.

"Zoy, do you know what you are doing now?" If it weren't for Zoy's father, Scott wouldn't have been so kind to her.

"Brother, I just..." Zoy looked at her hand in astonishment. At that moment, she realized what a silly thing she had done.

She blamed herself for being so impulsive.

Things had become irretrievable. But if she broke up with Scott, she would no longer be a rich young lady. She would have nothing to do with future honor and money.

No, she didn't want to live like that. It was not easy to escape from the past, it was impossible to go back.

She shouldn't be the only one to blame when a woman was so outrageous. Scott looked at Wyn behind him, "Wyn, this is the thing between you and your wife. I hope you can deal with it as soon as possible."

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