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   Chapter 175 You Look Like Each Other

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9487

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"Mr. Scott, someone's waiting for you outside,"

After a simple wash, Scott held Michelle's hand and was ready to go downstairs for breakfast. The butler rushed in and stood at the foot of the stairs.

Scott frowned and looked at Michelle. He increased his strength.

"Let him in." Scott said lightly.

"Go back to room and wait for me. I'll be there soon." Worrying about Michelle's safety, Scott ordered her to return to her room. Michelle knew what he was thinking, so she went back obediently.

Mr. Mu came in with rage and sat on the sofa in the living room led by the butler. And at this time, Scott was waiting there.

"Mr. Mu, you came to my house. There must be something important." Scott shook the glass in his hand casually.

"Your way didn't' work for my daughter." Mr. Mu was not in the mood for tea. If it wasn't for Ashley, he wouldn't have come to Scott specially.

Few people knew where Scott lived because he preferred a quiet place.

"Mr. Mu, please wait a moment. I have to make a call first."

Scott got up and went upstairs, because his phone was still there.

Mr. Mu didn't know what tricks he was playing, but as long as it was a little disadvantageous to Ashley, as her father, he would never let go of Scott.

Five minutes later, Scott went downstairs while Mr. Mu looked obviously impatient.

But he was not an unreasonable person. After all, Scott was a famous person. It was normal for him to call for something about the company.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting."

With these words, Scott returned to the sofa.

"Scott, I came here for a favor from you. Don't you think it's a bad idea to take up my time?"

It was obvious that Mr. Mu was also a little angry.

"Ha-ha, our time is very precious,"

Scott smiled but did not answer his question directly. About half an hour later, Mr. Mu got up to leave as he couldn't bear to stay any longer. But at this time, he saw a young and handsome man walking in from outside.

At that moment, his eyes flashed.

Aware of his eyes, Scott smiled. He walked towards the man standing at the door and put his arm around his shoulder. "Mr. Mu, this is my friend. He has just come back from abroad. What do you think Can he help you? "

Mr. Mu immediately got it. Although he had hired a handsome man, his daughter liked Scott.

"HM! What do you mean, Scott?"

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He was the chairman of the Mu Group, how could he let his daughter suffer so much?

Obviously, Scott looked down upon Mu family, so he did this. It seemed that he was still too gentle to Michelle before. If she was the one who was kidnapped, perhaps Scott wouldn't be like this now.

"Mr. Mu, let's be honest with each other."

Scott had a lot of work to deal with every day, so how could he hav

t to the bottom of this thing with asking him all the time.

Scott was helpless. Michelle knew he was a playboy before, so she made it clear obviously. But he didn't know why she had to be inquisitive.

"Okay, I know the answer." As a smart woman, Michelle knew that it was better to stop now.

After drinking that cup of milk tea, Michelle took the cup to the kitchen to pour another one because it was so delicious!

This was the coffee master recommended by Scott, the man mixed it for her in person, because Scott knew she liked to drink milk tea.

"This milk tea is delicious, but there is no pearl."

The life of the rich was really enjoyable. She found that she seemed to have no way to leave here. She wanted to go home and live a normal life. At least she was the most free person at that time.

Now she stayed in the room every day. She was fine with Scott. When he was absent, she could only sit in the room playing on the computer and read novels.

Life, only this life, had no next life. The next life was just an illusory dream.

Life was short. Only dozens of years, during this time, they had to go through too much hardship. She had to go through too much ups and downs of love, carrying too much responsibility and burden.

No matter who one was, people was alike.

Since you loved someone, you had to be firm and work hard. She loved him, so she would love everything about him, including his advantages and shortcomings. He would take good care of her in this life, and accompany her as long as he could. He would not promise to accompany her as long as he could next life.

Even a happy hug is better than a centennial scenery.

She never regretted being with him. Now she cherished every day they spent together.

Marriage, as if there was still a long distance from her. She dared not to think of it, and she had never dreamed of it.

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