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   Chapter 174 A Hug Was A Lifetime

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9835

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"Honey, are you drinking?"

As if it suddenly occurred to him, Scott asked for her advice.

"Wine? I'm bad at drinking. I can't handle a glass of wine. " When Michelle was eating her dinner, she suddenly heard what Scott said, and she thought he was joking. But she still answered honestly just in case.

But when Scott heard what she said, a bad idea occurred to him.

The servants sent a bottle of wine to them. Looking at the well-wrapped bottle, Michelle thought that this bottle of wine must be very expensive.

Before she rejected, Scott poured a glass of wine for her and put it in front of her in fear that she couldn't see it.

Before she could swallow the food in her mouth, Michelle almost choked on the food. She raised the glass and wanted to return it to him, but Scott had already held the glass and proposed a toast with her.

She had no choice but to have this drink firstly.

'It's just a glass of wine. Different from ordinary white wine, it won't be drunk, will it?'

After she comforted herself for a while, she decided to drink up the wine. Luckily, she had learnt some basic skills from the Internet before. Otherwise, she would definitely be drunk.

Michelle pressed her lips lightly and pretended to enjoy the taste of the wine. However, when she saw that, Scott was not convinced and insisted on making her drink that glass of wine.

She had no choice but to gulp down the wine in her glass, but only put it in her mouth and swallowed it bit by bit.

Looking at her drinking with care, Scott could not help laughing.

After the glass was drunk, Scott was going to pour a second glass for her. In a hurry, Michelle held the glass with her hand to hint him not to pour more.

"No, you have to drink with me today." Scott insisted.

To be honest, he really wanted to see her get drunk.

"All right." Michelle was afraid that he would get angry, so she had to agree.

So she drank up the wine one after another. She found that the skills she learned from the Internet could only be used once or twice. It was not good to use too much. But she seemed to be able to drink much more.

When they finished the whole bottle of wine, she felt dizzy and couldn't see things clearly.

Looking at the drunk woman, Scott stood up. Michelle felt that she was suddenly hung in the air. She subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck for fear that she would fall from his arms.

Although he didn't want to be in a rush, Scott couldn't help doing so.

Looking at the drunken woman, he found that her body was exuding a special tempting aura that tickled him.

"Michelle, I love you..."

Finally, Scott pressed down and he kissed her forehead, face, nose and lips.

His kiss was so gentle that she couldn't help wanting more.

With her arms around his neck, Michelle closed the distance between them and responded to his kiss. Although it was clumsy, Scott could feel

the love in his eyes was fearful.

"People call that only when they are married." Michelle explained, looking directly into his eyes.

Scott was not convinced. He pressed her on the bed again with a strength, and continued to do so with his hand on her chest. Michelle was uncomfortable all over by his hands. She had no choice but to shout softly, "Hus band... "

"I didn't hear it." Scott pretended not to hear her and wanted her to continue.

Michelle didn't want to tell him about that. But he would hold her as long as she didn't accept that. She had no choice. In order to escape from here as soon as possible, she called in a weak voice, "my husband."

Her two words were clear and concise. She didn't believe that he didn't hear them.

Michelle looked away to avoid his burning eyes. Scott's kiss fell on her face like rain drops. Scott gradually found that he couldn't live without this woman.

"Honey, let's get married."


Michelle's body stiffened as she stared at the handsome face of Scott.

She felt sweet but worried somehow.

"Marry me." When Scott saw that she was not happy at all, his face turned cold. He reached out his hand and raised her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes, and then repeated it.

"You didn't even propose to me. Why should I say yes?"

It was not until Michelle finished that she realized what she just said. It was too late for her to take back her words.

A smug smile appeared on Scott's face. "Did you say that?"


"No rejection." Scott knew what she was going to say, so he stopped her with anger.

Now that she had lost her senses, Michelle decided to shut up. After all, no matter what she said was wrong.

'Please don't be fooled by his appearance, Michelle.' She lowered her eyes and told herself in her heart.

"What are you thinking about?" Scott's voice came from the top again, and Michelle acted like a thief, with a guilty and giggle, "No."

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