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   Chapter 167 Emily Returned

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Simple, it was so good.

It was so quiet, so empty, so simple, and liked without any reason. Sometimes, loving a word didn't need a reason. It was like liking a person.

"Don't forget to call me when you arrive there."

At 9:30 am, C City International Airport.

After the security check, the two girls held each other tightly, unwilling to let go, and their eyes were full of reluctance.

"Michelle, I will miss you."

After letting go of her, Emily looked at Michelle with sadness in her eyes.

"Passengers, the flight to America from C city will take off in 20 minutes." The staff's voice came from the broadcast, and the two girls realized that it was late.

Michelle didn't like airport because this was a place for separation. She hated this kind of place.

Leaning on Scott's chest, Michelle covered her mouth with her hand and couldn't help but shed tears. And Emily was the same.

Before she entered the security checkpoint with her luggage, she turned around and looked at the airport hall, but the man she had been waiting for didn't appear. She left with frustration this time.

"Well, don't be sad. It's not like you won't meet again." Scott comforted the weeping woman in his arms, but the more he comforted her, the more she cried heavily.

Now, he simply stopped talking.

Life was like a drama. At every turning point, there would always be unexpected encounters. Some people met and became songs, and they were destined to go hand in hand in the journey of love.

Some were destined to leave hurriedly and alone. In fact, God is fair. When he closes a door for us, he will open a window for us. Therefore, this was the way to say goodbye and love. That's why our life has an atmosphere and also troubles.

"You know what? She is my only best friend now."

Michelle was so grieved that she couldn't pay attention to what other people thought of her. She just leant on Scott's arms and burst into tears.

"You still have me."

Scott patted her on the back and comforted her.

At that moment, Michelle was so moved. She looked up at the handsome face of Scott and nodded numbly.

After they walked out of the airport, Michelle finally remembered to inform Walter of this. She wanted to ask him, why he didn't come to the airport to see Emily off when she left.

The call was soon connected. When she heard what Walter said, she was cursing at the other end of the phone. She wanted to release all her anger on him, "Walter, what's the matter with you? Emily loves you so much, and she has done a lot for you these days. But what about you? You even didn't give her a look when she left. "

"Michelle, I..."

Walter couldn't finish his sentence. His voice was choked with sobs. However, it was just that his choking made Michelle angrier. How she wished she could rush into his house and throw everything on the ground.

Why? Emily have done so much for him, but he never paid her back.

Walter kn

hy if he took off clothes here. He didn't say yes in order not to embarrass her.

"Take it off. I don't mind." Seeing that Scott did not say anything, Michelle could not help but added.

Although she said so, she bowed her head after saying it out.

"Okay, that's a deal." This time, Scott did not refuse. There was no one outside the window, so no one would see if he took it off.

After shirt was taken off, it was thrown directly to the back seat by Scott. He appeared in front of her barely and openly. Although Michelle had seen him for many times, she still felt a little bit embarrassed at the sight of him.

"Go to my home. It's not far from here. I'll make you some ginger soup when we get back." Michelle turned her head and looked out of the window.

Every time when Scott saw her blush, he couldn't help but want to tease her, and this time was no exception.

Scott reached out his hands and held her in his arms, while Michelle fell into his chest without preparation. "We have been together for a long time, but I didn't expect that you are still so shy." Scott smiled

When she heard the sentence, Michelle's face flushed again. She stared at him and pushed him away, "How did you see that? I'm not shy. I just don't like to watch."


Scott's words were simple. Turning her head to look at him, Michelle saw his face darken as if he was angry.

All of a sudden, it was quiet in the room. Feeling a little awkward, Michelle waved the window to get some fresh air. But when she just touched the button, she was pulled back by Scott.

She looked at him with her big eyes blinking lovely.

Scott couldn't help laughing. He leaned his head close to her, cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips on hers.

His kiss was as simple as breeze.

Scott drove his car to the seventh unit of Happiness District. When they arrived home, Scott went to take a hot bath first and when he came out, Michelle had already cooked hot ginger soup.

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