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   Chapter 165 Help Me Take Shower

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At that time, he was very against the idea that Ashley and Scott went along, because Scott was a playboy at that time. No matter how much he appreciated Scott, he would never let his daughter suffer.

"Honey, I think we should find a doctor to check up on Ashley tomorrow, otherwise her condition doesn't get better." Mrs. Mu's words interrupted Mr. Mu's thoughts.

Mr. Mu turned to Mrs. Mu and nodded.

He made sure that everything needed to be dealt, after an hour, the doctor came with many bags.

However, Ashley was reluctant to see a doctor, holding a pillow tightly in her arms. She even bit when someone tried to take the pillow out of her arms.

"I'm sorry. We have to start the treatment now. Please go out first."

It was not an ordinary disease for Ashley, so it was not convenient for the doctor to treat her in front of others.

Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu took a glance at the woman lying on the bed with reluctance. As a result of the injection of tranquilizer, Ashley had recovered a lot. It made their heart ache to see her lost her reason.

After coming out, Mr. and Mrs. Mu went back to the room. They didn't want to see their daughter suffer, which would only make their heart ache.

Wyn went back to the room, grabing Zoy. Because of his strength, Zoy's wrist was a little red.

He looked at her angrily and asked, "did you instigate her?"

"Wyn, I'm your wife. Do you think I'm that kind of man who will do harm to Ashley?" Zoy argued back, not to be outdone.

"Well, aren't you such a person?" Wyn cast a disdainful glance at her, and his tone was also arrogant.

Her heart thumped, and her pupils were magnified in an instant, but she returned to normal in the next second. She looked at Wyn and said in a wronged tone, "Wyn, you must have misunderstood me."

Then she tried to grab his arm, but he shook her hand off in disgust. "Don't touch me. You're dirty."

The last word was like a dagger piercing into Zoy's heart. She slowly put down her hand and walked towards the bed in low spirits. She sat on the bed, looking down at the slippers on her feet, and didn't say a word for a long time.

Looking at her, Wyn didn't say anything else, pushed open the door in front of him and went out. This time, Zoy didn't chase out.

"Let me see how heartless you are."

Before getting in the car, Wyn looked up at the seats on the second floor with an evil smile on his lips.

Since he had changed, her white Audi had been thrown in the garage. He had changed to a new Lamborghini, which was bright red and shining.

Although it was not good for a man to drive such a bright car, he did not say that he was the owner of the car.

The car ran fast and finally stopped in front of a bar. A woman in coquettish clothes came out of the bar, and on her 10cm high-heeled shoes, she swayed her waist as she walked towards


Thinking of this, Michelle felt much better. She asked Scott to stand in front of the wash basin, adjust the temperature of the water, make him bow slightly and wash his head.

Scott felt the touch in her hand and couldn't help laughing.

She was the first woman to wash his hair, and she must be the last one. But wasn't this the kind of family he had imagined so many times?

"I'm done. I'll go out first. You try to take off the clothes yourself." After she washed his hair, Michelle thought of the things she would do next and made an excuse to leave.

But the next second, she was pulled into the arms by Scott.

"What? You want to leave?"

He looked down at her, with a deep smile on the corner of his mouth. It could be said that he was up to something.

"No, it's not." With her head against his chest, Michelle didn't dare to move. She felt his body so hot under the two thin layers of clothes.

"Honey, how many times do I have to remind you?" Scott put his head on her shoulder, and warm breath fell on her neck.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Michelle rubbed against him and broke free from his arms all of a sudden. "Don't be naughty," she said

"Yes." Scott replied seriously, looking very funny.

Michelle couldn't help but burst into laughter. She tried her best to hold back her laughter and stretched out her hand to undo the buttons on Scott's clothes.

Why did he have to wear clothes with buttons? The feeling to unbutton them... A little uneasy.

Scott kept his head down and smiled increasingly happily.

As Michelle unbuttoned the buttons one by one slowly, and blushed her cheeks more and more. When she unbuttoned the third button of his shirt, she saw his strong chest. She looked at the muscles on it and couldn't help swallowing.

At the moment, she didn't dare to look at Scott because she was afraid that she would attract his attention.

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