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   Chapter 162 Scott, You Are Heavy

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9817

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"How, how could we..."

Michelle was so frightened that she could not speak. She began to hum and haw, but failed to make it clear.

Scott knew what she meant, but he just couldn't help teasing her. "What's wrong with us?"

"How did we sleep together? Did you do anything to me? " With her eyes wide open, Michelle looked at him for an answer.

Scott was amused by her innocent look and said, "My silly wife, how could you be so forgetful?"

Michelle was still in a daze. She stared at him in amazement and her expressions made him want to kiss her.

Looking at her silent for a long time, Scott waited patiently.

"Well, Emily, I have to call her!" All of a sudden, Michelle came up with an idea. In a hurry, she lifted the quilt and was about to leave. However, someone grabbed her wrist.

She turned back, looked at the owner of the hand, and did not speak.

However, Scott suddenly pulled her and held her in his arms. As Michelle was afraid that she might fall, she lost her balance and subconsciously grabbed something. However, when she came to her senses, she found her hands between his crotch

What was going on?

The air seemed to have stopped at that moment, and she could even hear clearly his short breath.

"Well I Not... "

Michelle hesitated for a while in her heart, but she finally gave up the idea of continuing her words. She quickly moved her hand from his position and lowered her head, unwilling to look into his eyes.

Although she was looking down, she still felt that the way Scott looked at her was like looking at a prey and might swallow her at any time.

He had a devilish face and sharp eyes, making it difficult for her to lie.

"Do you want to say that you didn't do it on purpose?" Scott helped her to supplement.

"Yes." Michelle nodded as usual.

Scott reached out his long arm and pulled her into his arms. The temperature in the room was moderate. Michelle didn't struggle and quietly leaned in his arms.

The light and shadow on the screen shined on them. Michelle felt extremely calm, as if she had found her home.

The shadow of light was shining, her gaze became hazy. She looked up, only to find his Adam's apple, which moved slightly.

"Do you know you were playing with fire just now?" Scott came close to her ear and blew warm air into her most vulnerable position, which made her itch.

Michelle tried to push him away but he was on top of her. She put her hands against his chest and closed her eyes. After all, she really didn't feel good for this sudden feeling.

"Scott, you are heavy..."

She couldn't help shouting at him. She thought he would leave in this way. However, instead of leaving, Scott went even worse, and almost weighed on her.

If he hadn't made a promise to her, Michelle would be really afraid of him now. But now, she also had a fear.

His breath became heavy. He looked down at her, with intense spar

powerful woman.

Just as she thought of it, Ashley suddenly raised her head and looked in her direction. For a moment, Michelle felt that she was in the woman's eyes. Those resentful eyes seemed to want to tear her into pieces!

"What are you doing here?"

The door behind her was opened, and a cold voice came from behind. She shivered with fear.

She drew the curtains back and turned around to look at the person who was standing behind her. She said, "it seems that Ashley is going to climb up."

She pointed outside the window to let Scott look out. But he ignored her words and took her out of the house.

"Where are we going?" She asked from behind.

"In the study."

Until now, Scott felt that he must see her with his own eyes. Otherwise, even if he was busy with work in the study, his mind would all come to her.

This was the first time that Michelle came to Scott's study. The study wasn't very spacious, but it was fully equipped.

She walked to the sofa in astonishment and sat down. Scott handed a bottle of water to her. She looked at the trademark on the bottle, it was exactly the expensive water!

"I don't like to drink it."

She was telling the truth. She couldn't be accustomed with such expensive bottled water at all.

Scott smiled and said nothing. He walked to the desk and sat down. He turned on his computer and slipped on the keyboard with his hands.

Looking at him who was working so hard, Michelle just couldn't help loving him again.

The study was soundproof. She couldn't hear anything outside. Just then, there was a quick knock on the door.

Scott stopped his action. It was obvious that the blue veins on his face were throbbing and were more or less terrible.

Michelle couldn't help but swallow hard, and held the bottle of water tightly in her hand.

When Scott went to the door and opened it, the butler said anxiously, "Oh, Mr. Scott, Miss Ashely fell off the railing!"

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