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   Chapter 153 Fiancée

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"At home."

Scott gave a simple answer with no more than three words. The man waiting at the other end of the line was a little disappointed with his answer.

"Go to bed early and have a good rest."

After sending this sentence, Scott did not reply. At the same time, Michelle put her phone down. She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Somehow she felt uneasy as if something bad would happen.

'Forget it. I should go to bed early. I will be fine when getting up tomorrow.' She kept telling herself not to think too much, but she could not fall asleep no matter how she turned over and over.

Early the next morning, when Scott walked out of the elevator, the assistant walked up quickly.

"What is wrong?" Scott saw something at the assistant's face, he asked coldly.

"Boss, your fiancee is waiting for you in the office." The assistant said nervously, respectfully but distantly.

It would be fine if he didn't say that. But when he mentioned it, the face of Scott immediately darkened. He glanced at the assistant and strode towards his office.

He pushed the door open and saw a woman sitting on his chair. Their eyes met the moment he came in. He knew this woman. She was Wyn's sister, Ashley!

Scott frowned and got irritated.


As soon as Ashley saw the handsome Scott, she stood up from chair and smiled like a blossoming flower. She said softly.

"What are you doing here?" Scott asked coldly without even looking at her.

"Scott, can't I come to see you?" Ashley smiled cheekily, pretending that she didn't notice the impatience in Scott's eyes.

When the woman was about to jump into his arms, Scott quickly dodged away and Ashley threw herself into the sofa. When she fell on the sofa, her legs were as white as snow. They made people can't help swallowing.

But Scott was not in the mood to see her.

The chair she was sitting on was still filled with a strong smell of perfume. Scott turned around and pulled open the curtain to let the sunlight in.

Standing in front of the floor to ceiling window, Scott was tall and strong, wearing a cold and powerful expression. His handsome and white face instantly turned black, with blue veins on his forehead faintly bursting out.

Ashley had been pestering Scott since their first meeting. Her parents had sent her abroad because they was afraid that something bad would happen on Wyn's wedding.

But unexpectedly, she would come back to make trouble again after only a few months of peace. What's more, she came to the company as soon as she came back. She did it so bold that she was not afraid of arousing company's criticism.

After all, her father and mother had spoiled her so much that Ashley couldn't image what a well-educated and elegant young lady should be like.

High as Ashley was, her stature and beauty was perfect. But one could not

ld you like to drink?" Suddenly, she found that Scott definitely didn't like such cheap drink. When he was in hospital last time, she remembered that the water he asked to buy was imported from overseas. But now he seemed to have changed a lot.

"Just drink this." When she was speaking, Scott grabbed the drink from her hand, unscrewed the cap and drank.

Michelle wanted to stop him, but it was too late. She could only watch him drinking her favorite milk tea. "Scott, I haven't paid the money yet."

Scott almost spat it out and thought what she was worried about.

"Take it. I'll pay." After drinking it up, Scott went to the store's owner's wife and took out his wallet to pay the bill.

Since Michelle didn't want to waste money, Scott got used to taking some changes with him.

Scott only drank that bottle of milk tea once, and after that it had been taken by Michelle. Now they were sitting in the car, and just now she was frightened, so Michelle was still in a hazy state.

Sitting in the driver's seat and eating the bento that she had made, Scott looked very happy.

He grabbed the bottle from her hand, drank some more and handed it to her. He didn't twist the cap. Apparently, he wanted her to drink it in front of him.

Looking at the milk tea he had drunk, Michelle hesitated. How could people drink it as there was still his smell on the edge of the cover?

"What's wrong? Do you dislike me? You've eaten up my saliva. A bottle of drink is nothing."

"Okay." Now that he said so, Michelle didn't say anything more. She took the milk tea and drank a few mouthfuls. After seeing, Scott continued to eat the bento with his head down.

He had breakfast this morning, but he still couldn't help himself when he saw the food she cooked.

It was said that if a woman wanted to tie up with a man, she had to take good care of his stomach first. Michelle had been able to do that.

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