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   Chapter 152 I Am Missing You

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"What's wrong? Are you missing Scott?"

Emily came over with a tray. Michelle's thoughts were interrupted by her words. As she looked down at the food on the tray, she was shocked!

"Will we buy too many? Can we two eat them all? " And even it was not breakfast. It was almost three meals of a day.

Emily bought a lot of things, including porridge, milk and coffee. Hamburger, roast chicken, chicken wings, fried chicken legs, French fries

Just looking at them would be a headache.

The products were sent here by the shop assistants because they had bought a lot of things. Otherwise, with her two arms, how could she carry so many things at once?

"They were very cheap. Just take your time. If we can't finish them, just leave them here. Isn't it better to eat them all? "

Anyway, it was Emily's treat, so Michelle didn't care about the money at all. But if she ate these food, she would be as fat as a pig.

After the breakfast, the rest should be thrown away but it was a pity for Michelle. However, Emily didn't like the heat-up food, so Michelle had to carry the bag to the nearby park.

They seated themselves on a bench. Michelle opened the plastic bag and took out what hadn't eaten. When Emily was just curious about what she was going to do, several dogs and cats appeared beside Michelle.

Seeing this, Emily's love came back to her.

"Wow, how adorable it is! Are these small animals wandering around here? Poor! "

Emily signed twice in a row, but she spoke in a low voice, as if she was afraid of waking up these small animals who were eating. It seemed that Michelle came here a lot, otherwise she wouldn't know there were some stray animals here?

Michelle looked down at these cute animals and sighed in her heart about her own helplessness. If she had the ability, she would definitely open a pet store and took these animals in. Then they would find a new home for them and live with a master who loved them.

Could she tell Scott about it?

'What am I looking forward to? Do I still want him to open a pet shop for me? Don't be silly. You are not married yet. He won't give you that much. "

Thinking of this, Michelle sighed.

"What's up, Michelle? Did anything upset you?" Emily noticed the sadness in her eyes and asked curiously.

"No, I'm not. I just want to show my kindness to these little animals. But unfortunately, I don't have the ability. " She didn't avoid anything when she faced Emily. She couldn't take her eyes off any of these little animals beside her when she talked.

She stoked the hair on these little animals with her eyes full of love.

These little animals seemed to have read her mind. They stopped eating and surrounded her, rubbing against her. Michelle was amused by these small animals and laughed, regardless of her image.

Emily fou

fried meal and a cup of coke.

If she hadn't bought snacks, it would have been a waste of this meal.

Although it was fried meal, it tasted like western food.

Emily knew that her best friend didn't like this kind of place, so she tried her best to support Michelle. But she swore that she wouldn't.

She still couldn't accept such kind of place. There were too many people here, and the chopsticks were used to be eaten. She wondered whether the food had been disinfected. Anyway, she had learned her lesson last time. She swore that she would never go to that kind of place again.

But she had to admit the food in roadside stands was really delicious. The only difference was that it didn't have healthy protection.

After a long day's tiredness, the first thing she did when she got home was to take a shower and then play with her mobile phone.

Finally, she could complain to Scott.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Michelle opened her wechat as usual, looked for the phone number of Scott and sent a message.

"What are you doing?"

After sending the message for a long time, Scott did not reply. Michelle could not help feeling a little disappointed.

She told herself that he might be working overtime in the company, or he might fall asleep because he was too busy.

Since she didn't go to the company after the incident, Scott's task would be increased certainly. That was reasonable. But Michelle was worried about his health. He couldn't take it anymore.

The waiting time was the longest. Even it was only one minute, it would become longer.

Finally there was a reply from wechat. Michelle immediately picked up her cell phone to look at the information.

"I am missing you."

The answer was simple but warm.

Looking at the words on her phone, Michelle smiled sweetly. "Have you eaten on time? Are you still working at the company? "

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