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   Chapter 151 Give Up

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At this moment, Michelle did not know what to say. She could only stared at Emily with surprise and happiness.

"Emily, are you sure?"

Michelle asked in disbelief, but Emily replied, "I'm sure, he is the man I'm looking for! Michelle, I'm in love with him. You know each other so well. Can you help me? "

It was Michelle's first time to see Emily get so excited since she knew her for such a long time. It's just a little woman fell into a trap of love by accident, isn't it? But did foreigners always believe in love at first sight?

"Emily, are you sure you love him?"

Because of this case, Michelle was very curious about Emily. She really wanted to know how Emily fell in love with Walter at the first sight.

They came to a beverage shop near the community. Michelle just ordered two cups of pearl milk tea and began to ask Emily.

"Emily, tell me, why do you fall in love with him?"

Michelle seemed to be unable to wait to do that.

"I don't know. I feel happy to see him." When Emily said this, there was a happy and joyful expression on her face. She hugged herself and closed her eyes, as if she was recalling something.

"Oh, I'm exaggerated." Seeing her crazy look, Michelle couldn't help laughing.

"Michelle, please help me? I haven't been in love and I don't know how to approach him. So I can only let you be my matchmaker. "

It seemed that she remembered it all of a sudden, then she grabbed Emily's hands and begged her continuously. She looked so pitiful that it was hard to refuse.

At last, Michelle agreed. At least she thought it was time for Walter to look for someone.

As a sister, she had to think about her brother.

"I'm sorry, brother."

Staying at home every day was boring. Even with Emily by her side, Michelle always felt something was missing. Besides, Emily was immersed in her love every day, so she had completely forgotten what she was doing and what she should do.

Walter was too busy with his business to know where to go. During the time, Michelle had made thousands of phone calls to Walter, but no one answered.

For the sake of her best friend, she didn't mind going all out.

"Emily, Walter is a homeless person. Do you want to live with him?" Michelle was telling the truth. For her best friend's sake.

After all, Walter was living with photograph and he could do anything he wanted. Being raised in a wealthy family, Emily surely couldn't bear such hardship. Michelle was worried that she might not get used to the life here.

"I just want to be with him."

Emily kept dreaming, which was really speechless. After hearing this, Michelle had no choice but shrugged her shoulders, letting Emily keep on indulging herself in her fantasy.

Manhattan in New York, at 7:30 in the evening.

It was the most bustling and most fashionable spot in the United States. However, th

e hell do you want? "

After Emily told her that she would live in China, Michelle had a hard time every day. Indeed, this international friend could indeed provoke people.

If she didn't do this for the sake of their sisterhood, she would have already driven Emily out.

Emily realized that she made a gaffe, so she immediately stuck out her tongue and said, "I'm sorry, Michelle. I missed him so much that I couldn't fall asleep, so I had to eat to distract myself. "

Looking at the innocent look of Emily, Michelle couldn't be angry. She hung the towel on the railing and went to the living room.

"I know you like him very much, but you have no idea where he is now. Even if you miss him so much to not sleep or eat not well, he won't be able to know. Emily, I don't think it's necessary for you to do this. " She was telling the truth, sincerely.

Perhaps it was because Emily fell in love for the first time, so she couldn't get rid of it at once. It was understandable. But wasn't it too much for her to indulge herself in love every day?

After dressing up as they went out, Michelle and Emily got into a taxi. Obviously, Emily had never suffered like this. It was a hard time for her to take a bus.

Opening the door of the restaurant, Emily went to the front desk to order, while Michelle carried her handbag and sat at a table by the window. She supported her face with one hand and looked out of the window.

It was just in the morning. The street was full of people, like a weekend rush.

In these days when Emily was here, Michelle hadn't seen Scott for several days. Every day, they talked on the phone. The most ridiculous thing was that when Michelle wanted to add Scott to the wechat account, the guy actually didn't even know what the wechat was.

Michelle had no choice but to be the instructor of the whole day. She taught him how to use wechat and add friends on wechat.

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