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   Chapter 140 Don't Worry. I Won't Be Engaged To You

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 9767

Updated: 2020-04-22 12:06

What's the difference between like and love? If you like someone, you shouldn't have wished to spend the rest of your life with him. What's the difference between love and need? If you needed a person, and you didn't want to live with him next life.

Michelle knew that those reporters were waiting for her outside.

However, when she was about to open the door, she came across a familiar person. When she raised her head, that person seemed to find Michelle and walked towards her with smile.

Of course, Michelle knew who the woman was. She was the one who saved her from being besieged at the banquet last time, Monica!

"Miss Michelle, long time no see."

Michelle was at a loss for words suddenly. After all, Monica was Scott's fiancée.

Now, what made Michelle hesitate most was that she did not know whether Scott had promised Uncle Mike or not. But when she knew what kind of relationship it was, she felt uncomfortable.

When Monica sensed Michelle's strong aversion to her, she concluded by her instinct that she must be referring to Scott. But she didn't have the slightest interest in Scott, how could she promise to marry him?

But she still wanted to know how much Michelle loved Scott.

"Miss Monica, why are you here?" Michelle sensed her gaze on her, which made her very uncomfortable.

"Oh, a friend of mine is working in this hospital. It's not easy to return China. I come here to see him." Monica replied in an orderly manner.

Suddenly, Michelle didn't know what to say for she had a huge generation gap with Monica.

There was a huge difference in their clothes and life. Michelle didn't think she was match enough with Scott.

Monica paid close attention to Michelle's expressions and deeds. She tried hard to bear the smile in her heart and said, "it seems that you are in a hurry. Where are you going?"

This was obviously nonsense, but she wanted to get the answer from Michelle.

"I Miss Monica, I'm sorry. I have something to deal with. See you next time. " Until now, Michelle remembered that Scott was still surrounded by a group of people downstairs. She had to go downstairs to help him.

How could Monica not know what had happened outside the hospital? But it was impossible to do it only with the strength of Michelle alone.

"The media only come for you. If you go down, it will only cause more trouble." Monica stopped her out of kindness.

According to the situation, if Michelle did walk down, the media would definitely ask her a lot of questions. She has gone through this. Those media simply forgot your identity. No matter how famous you are, in front of them, you are just like an animal from the zoo.

"I can't let him bear so much pressure. I know those people are coming for me," Michelle continued As she spoke, Michelle tried to bypass her, but was stopped by Monica.

"If you go there, the whole thing will get worse. D

et Monica here. Then, they had to make a decision. Otherwise, if the news went on like this, it would always harm Michelle.

"Be a good girl and wait for me here. If you are hungry, order some take out yourself." When they were about to leave, Scott didn't forget to remind Michelle for fear that she would be hungry.

The love in his eyes was like looking at a precious treasure. This kind of expression made Monica envious without any reason.

They walked out of the ward one after the other. Then they entered the elevator again and walked out. After a while, they arrived at the cafe near the hospital. The waiter led them to a corner and sat down.

In fact, the women liked seats near the window because they enjoyed the delicious food and the beautiful city scenery at the same time.

Of course, Monica knew what Scott meant, but she didn't get angry.

"What do you need?" A waiter came over and handed the menu to them.

"Lemon juice, thank you."

"Black coffee."

It was different with Monica, Scott's voice was as cold as the winter snow.

"Don't worry. We will not get engaged." Monica was not a person who liked to keep a secret. She also knew the purpose of this visit. She didn't plan to meet him, but now that she had met him, she decided to make things clear. In case of any trouble in the future, all of them would be uncomfortable.

When Scott heard this, his eyes lit up. He looked at the woman sitting opposite him and frowned. "You..."

"I don't like this so-called marriage. Even if I want to get married, I must find one by myself. Although you are excellent, you have your own decision. I grew up abroad, so I don't know much about the etiquette there. But I also understand that rob the good of others is not a gentleman's deed. " Just then, the dishes they ordered were delivered.

Monica once again nodded to the waiter as her thanks. It was a small action that made Scott a little obsessed.

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