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   Chapter 46 Go Shopping

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3451

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:22

"You didn't eat much yesterday. Enjoy yourself today," There was a cute smiling face at the end of the message. After reading it, Michelle couldn't help laughing.

Having a sumptuous breakfast, sitting in front of the French window and looking at the scenery outside, everything was so beautiful.

When Scott came back, it was dark outside. During the whole day, Michelle was listening carefully to the movement outside. She was waiting for him.

"Boss, thank you so much for today."

Before Scott could open the door for him, Michelle stood behind him. "I'm fine." Scott looked at her and smiled softly.

Since she didn't bring any clean clothes, she still wore the clothes she wore yesterday. Scott looked at her from head to toe and pulled her towards the elevator.

"Boss, where are we going?"

Scott ignored her. When they was out of the door of the hotel, he threw Michelle into a black Maybach. The car stopped in front of a high-end clothing store. Scott held her hand and walked inside.

"How about picking a

a wry smile. Through the transparent glass window, he could see the sadness on her face.

Michelle didn't like to owe other people anything. Although she knew that Scott was out of good will, she still felt it inappropriate to do so. She felt better at the thought of it. But her salary would be cut off every month. She couldn't bear to think about it.

It was a sleepless night for her. The thought of the price of these clothes made her headache. There was no doubt that she lost sleep again tonight.

Ever since she came to the Jiang Group, there were many things that she had never imagined to experience in her life. But since it had happened, she could only face it calmly.

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