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   Chapter 45 Not So Annoying

Love Wrapped In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3301

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:12

"Calm down, people inside. It's just a small mistake. It'll be repaired soon!"

Scott was sure that the voice came from above his head. He suddenly realized that he was in a dangerous place.

He didn't answer, but reached out and pressed down all the buttons below the tenth floor. In this way, the elevator might stop to brake even if it slid down sharply.

That is to say, they will have ten chances of being saved.

Without saying a word, Michelle just quietly leaned on his arms. Since the elevator was lack of oxygen, and they had stayed there for more than ten minutes, it was better not to talk. Maintaining physical strength and stable breathing were the most important things for them right now.

"Honey, just listen to me, okay?" Not daring to delay, he released her, and earnestly grabbed her shoulder.

Michelle had no choice but to believe him at this time. So she nodded in agreement.

"Okay. The head and back were pressed against the box wall and legs bent sli

d to open the door, and saw a waiter delivering food in the hotel.

"Miss Wang, here are your meals." Then, he pushed the cart into the room and put the various kinds of delicious food on the table in the room.

"I'm sorry. You must have ordered the wrong food. I didn't order anything." She did not open her mouth until she realized what had happened.

"Yes, room 196." The delighter just asked Michelle to sign the order and then left. The door of the room was closed again. Michelle really doubted if she was dreaming.

Almost at the same time, her phone rang. She walked to the bedside table and opened the content. It was a message from Scott.

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